Thursday, June 26, 2014

G2A Is Censored?

Or maybe it was google and it's products...

Though I am a bit hard up for interesting topics, I was not intentionally avoiding my posting duty...  I have been in China since Saturday, and the Beijing Airport Hilton is the first place where I have been able to access my account. (ie blogger is part of google)

And that blockage is pretty impressive since I have been in 5 different cities in 5 days...Yes...  It has been a real "planes, trains and automobiles" trip...  (without John Candy fluffing pillows)  By the way:
  • high speed trains are really cool for travelling between major metropolitan areas.
  • there are wind turbines and big corn fields in the NE
  • air quality is pretty rough, my eyes and throat are looking forward to getting home
  • my new name for China is the land of 1 million sky cranes, they continue to build EVERYWHERE...
  • it is very interesting reading their local english newspapers...  apparently some folks in Hong Kong are being pretty subversive by talking about holding elections...
  • the street cleaners are still out in full force. (ie 1000's per city) we really need to consider giving brooms to those on public assistance or long term unemployment.  our blvd's could be that nice.
Thoughts regarding China, or ideas for future posts?

Flying back tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!!!


jerrye92002 said...

One observation: the Chinese have a vastly different and much smaller idea of "personal space" than we do.

John said...

Given their population size, that is probably a very good thing for them. Imagine if the USA had 5 times the number of people that we currently have...

Imagine if MN had 45 million people instead of 5.4 million. That would only be an increase of 8.33 times. I picked that number because since the coasts are pretty high density already, the Midwest would have to absorb more than the 5X multiplier.

Imagine the Twin Cities metro having a population of 30 million.

How would things change that here?