Saturday, August 9, 2014

Israel, Palestine and Collusion

As Laurie posted:
"The Israel-Gaza conflict, since it began, has killed 1,170 people. Of those, a shocking 815 are thought to be Palestinian civilians, and 232 of those children. That means that about 7 out of 10 total deaths are innocent Palestinian civilians, and 2 out of 10 innocent Palestinian children"
1500 join Minnesota march in solidarity with Gaza

Here is likely a more accurate and less biased assessment.  Especially since it says there is a lot of uncertainty in the numbers.
NYT Civilian or Not
Remember that many Palestinians have been indoctrinated to want to fight the Israelis whenever possible, this unfortunately includes women and children.

And for more info, they have been discussing the topic here.
MinnPost What Netanyahu should do to Bring Peace

I liked Paul's summary best:
Both sides of extremists agree that the lines are the Jordan and the Mediterranean.
They disagree on who gets the land between the lines.
There's an interesting proposal at  Jewish News: Parallel Lives
suggesting (and improbably) way that BOTH sides could own all of the land.

And some past thoughts regarding one of my favorite books that uses the Israel / Palestinian conflict as a teaching resource.
G2A Conflict and Collusion
G2A Break the Cycle
G2A Conflict with Heart

Thoughts on this incredibly difficult situation.

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jerrye92002 said...

So, if the Israelis would just allow a few more of those missiles to kill a bunch of innocent Israeli civilians, including children, these leftists would be OK with this conflict? I just keep remembering the hard instruction from Hamas' leaders to note that EVERY Palestinian killed is an "innocent civilian," even if they are firing rockets or grenades. I think Netanyahu had it right. He said, "Israel uses its rockets to protect its citizens. Hamas uses its citizens to protect its rockets."

I think the only way to properly keep score, which seems to be what these news outlets are trying to do, is to consider how many truly innocent civilians each side INTENDS to kill. On that score, Hamas clearly has a lopsided "victory," since they intend to kill millions of Jews with their rockets, and happily put their own civilians in the line of fire.