Friday, March 25, 2016

Harrteau's Warning And NAACP's Response

The Minneapolis Chief of Police Harteau makes a common sense announcement reinforcing that violent / illegal protests will not be tolerated...  And the self obsessed NAACP / BLM choose to take offense at this...  Even after violence and law breaking have occurred at many of their protests. Examples of this include:

Now I am all for free speech and letting these folks say anything they want.  However they definitely become more than a public nuisance when they choose to violate the law, create public safety problems and interfere with the plans /property of other free American citizens.

So Chief Harteau please arrest and throw the book at anyone who damages property, harms other people, trespasses, blocks public roads, etc.  You have my support...  Of course I don't live in Plymouth, so that is probably pretty irrelevant...  :-)


jerrye92002 said...

I heard in the sermon today that we should want "justice and freedom." How can you gain justice for yourself by denying freedom to others? No one is denying them the right of free speech, but there is no right to do wrong against others.

John said...

Agreed. Happy Easter everyone!!!!

John said...

Another opinion piece for your review.

jerrye92002 said...

I keep coming back to that "last clear chance" law. If you don't interfere with police or attempt to grab their guns or assault them, you are most likely to avoid being shot. If you behave as the innocent citizen you are (if you are), our system is set up to clear you and send you home. It does not work well if you are dead.