Friday, March 11, 2016

Irresponsible Animal Owners

Since I don't have cable, I had never watched "Cesar 911" until the last 2 weeks while I was in China. Ironically I could not access Facebook, Google, Blogger, etc, however I did have the National Geographic WILD channel.  This guy saves dogs in essence by teaching their owners to become responsible and capable pet owners. And here apparently 10,000 irresponsible people want the show tossed because a dog bit a pig.  MSN Animal Cruelty Complaint
"Jill Breitner initiated the petition on, calling for Nat Geo WILD to take the show "Cesar 911" off the air. Friday morning, the number of signatures was closing in on 10,000."
These folks would go nuts if they watched what my hunting dog does to rabbits and skunks. And yes she was SO PROUD when she brought me back the dead skunk out at the farm 3 weeks after I had gotten her from the Humane Society last June when Cassie died.  She did not enjoy the 2 weeks of many baths she endured as I worked to get the stench off her.  Thankfully she has not done it again... [yet :-)  ]

The point of my rant is that even Izzie (shown below in the silly Xmas vest my oldest daughter bought her) who is typically the most mellow playful dog on this earth has her moments. I am very aware that my job is to be her owner, and like parenting this takes a lot of work and self discipline. I have a wireless fence, a training collar and lots of petting / treats.

I have to wonder what the petition signers do with their pets?  And what would they do if their dog nipped another animal or person?  Personally I hope that people who watch Cesar would learn to understand that they do their dogs no favors by coddling them and letting them push limits without consequences.

Izzie's worst behavior is her tendency wander off when her nose finds an interesting smell.  This was particularly frustrating at the lake.  One moment she was laying there and the next she was gone...  I am thinking I will be buying another device for when we are away from home. :-)...

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Laurie Wagner said...

social media can create extreme, ignorant reactions to incidents of all kinds.