Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rebuilding Manufacturing

An interesting read. MP Rebuilding Manufacturing  Now for some reason folks like Matt here seem to think that Businesses are obsessed with paying rock bottom wages. Whereas I think they are a lot like most of us...  We want to not pay too much, however we want to pay enough to ensure we get quality work done, and the contractor / service provider will be agreeable to coming back if we need them again.

Or are there a lot of you out there who pay much higher than you need to? Three equally qualified roofing contractors give you quotes for the same work. (ie $7,000, $8,000 and $10,000) Do you go with the $10,000 contractor because that gives them a higher wage / profit?

"Would he just have typed: Please relieve our temporary labor shortage by funneling as many folks into the exact narrow niche we need to fill to meet our demand. Then when the supply of labor exceeds demand we can get our wages back where we really want them to be, rock bottom. Thanks! 
Seriously, how conservatives can be so adamant about applying capitalistic forces to every aspect of life, yet so blatantly obtuse in applying it to the labor market is befuddling. Why anyone in a lucrative career field would be excited about the prospect of wage deflation is a mystery to me." Matt

"The reality is that these jobs pay a lot better than most service industry jobs. Likely >$15/hr + benefits + career growth options. Now you can keep sending kids to Walmart, Target, McDonalds, etc or we can point them somewhere better. 
As for the growth or decline of the American Mfg industry, that is in our hands as consumers and citizens. If we are unwilling to pay more for American Made Products to support the higher paid employees, who will? And if we want more factories / jobs, how do we lower the cost of running them in the USA? (ie taxes, regs, paperwork, etc) 
Along those lines, I am absolutely fascinated by how many people my company has working in Human Resources, Finance, Compliance, Legal, etc. It is good that we employ these people, but they add almost NO VALUE for our customer. And adding value for the customer is what makes companies successful." G2A

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