Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We Demand Perfection, No Errors will be Tolerated

From MP Blacks and Police

"Finally, officers are civilians. The use of the word "civilian" for non-police civilians surrounds a mentality that they are not us, which is something that should absolutely be scrubbed out of every civilian police force in this country." Rachel

"The United States has two codes of justice: civilian and military.  Members of the armed forces are subject to the military code; everyone else (including the police) is subject to the civilian code of law, and thus legally a civilian. I agree that too often some police view themselves as an occupying army, and act accordingly." Paul

"Yep, just normal civilians like us... Except they are willing to risk death daily for a moderate wage.
  • Which of us actual normal civilians are willing to do this?
  • Are we willing to walk into a domestic dispute to save the family?
  • Are willing go to a party to help a woman who has been injured?
  • Are we willing to walk up to a car in the dark to question the driver?
  • Are we willing to try and arrest someone jacked up on drugs?
Now it is terrible that sometimes officers and/or suspects get shot, but this is not a normal job where mistakes mean that someone gets the wrong email, your suit case goes to the wrong city, a part is not installed correctly. etc. 
  • Do you expect perfection and zero mistakes at your job? 
  • Why do you expect perfection and zero mistakes in the high risk, high urgency and highly volatile police world?" G2A


Sean said...

Police errors are rare but are frequently very costly to those who are the victims of them. I don't think anyone expects perfection necessarily, but rather that there's accountability for those errors.

John said...

So we don't expect perfection...
But we will throw people in Jail when they make a mistake...

I think that is demanding and expecting perfection.

If your boss said "I expect you to go out into a highly volatile situation, do your complex duties and if you screw up we may send you to jail..." What would you do as an employee?

I know what I would do... I would avoid as many highly volatile situations as I could because those are when most errors are likely to occur... Or I would find another job...

Sean said...

"But we will throw people in Jail when they make a mistake..."

Plenty of average people get thrown into jail for making a mistake.

And, besides, let's face facts here. It's incredibly difficult to send a police officer for jail, as the North Carolina verdict from last week demonstrates. Most officers in questionable cases don't get charged, much less convicted.

John said...

Thank Heavens !!!

I want them protected against liability / prosecution in all but the most egregious errors, so they are willing to challenge potential wrong doers, enter domestic disputes, run towards the gun fire, etc. Rather than walking by for fear of getting thrown in jail or sued.