Thursday, December 22, 2016

Testing Friendships

Some one close to me lost a friend when they casually mentioned that their day was going better because Trump had won?  Have any of you experienced any severe reactions like that?  Or ended any friendships because the other person had different political beliefs?

For better or worse, many people are upset with me as usual... The Trump supporters don't like me questioning his capabilities and honesty...  And the Clinton supporters don't like that I voted for Trump...  The good news though is that my friends are used to my behaviors and beliefs, and seem happy to still hang with me... :-)  Well as long as I buy them a beer once in awhile...


Laurie said...

I could not be friends with someone who was an avid Trump supporter. I have a couple of neighbors who may have voted for Trump, but I don't know for sure because we very rarely exchange any comments that are political. I could be friends with a Trump supporter who kept quiet about his or her views. The people I do discuss politics with are 100% moderate to progressive, with the exception of the 2 conservatives who comment on this website.

John said...

Well, I will never understand confusing politics and friendship.

As I have gotten older I have grown to appreciate the concept of unconditional Love and friendship. I think that is pretty much the true test of one's tolerance capacity.

I mean if you are only comfortable with people just like you, you are likely not terribly tolerant.
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All Beliefs

Laurie said...

Have I mentioned that I don't actually know anyone with conservative views, at least that they talk about with any frequency. I just wouldn't enjoy spending time with someone who talks about how great Trump is. I would choose not to spend time with such a person. In my family we talk politics quite a lot, with friends practically not at all, but when it does come up it is unanimous that no one likes Trump.

John said...

That is interesting that you have somehow surrounded yourself with Liberals. Maybe it is the places you choose to spend your time at. (ie church, school, etc)

Or... Maybe you are so "scary" that no one is willing to tell you their real beliefs... I have family members on both sides of the fence...

Anonymous said...

Tensions were definitely higher this election year. Trump was an alienating figure to liberals, as I suppose, Barack Obama was to conservatives four and eight years ago. The hostility to President Obama, by the way, was something I never understood, but I did understand that it was there.

Oh well.


John said...

Agreed. Obama seemed fine to me. Especially with the GOP Congress there to constrain any Left leaning policies he may have wanted to implement.

The only question I had was could Obama have done something different with regard to Libya, Iraq and Syria. But I am not smart enough to know the answer.

jerrye92002 said...

An interesting question. I almost never raise political points with people of whom I do not know their political leanings. I have a couple good friends with whom I will occasionally comment, knowing that they are generally liberal, and knowing that they feel perfectly free to disagree with me. I have even told a couple of them my philosophy on that: "You can agree with me, or you can be wrong." They laugh. One of them I sent a condolences note to after the election, telling her that I didn't believe it was near as bad as she imagined and that I was in fact quite hopeful, for both of us. I think that's what you do-- understand the other point of view, try to help them see the light, but quickly drop the subject if they cannot, and you value the personal relationship. Thank goodness we are not friends here. :-)

John said...

I seem to see 2 problems of late:
- Liberals who think the "Trump Voter" supports his philandering, lying, etc ways.
- Conservatives who feel offended that people don't trust and/or like their candidate.

My advice to both is GET OVER IT !!! We are in America where people have the right to believe and speak as they wish. And it is not important that your friends agree with everything you do.

I keep thinking this another symptom of this Black Hat / White Hat America we currently live in. The one where the Obama supporters swear that Trump and his voters are the "Villains" out to ruin America. And the Trump supporters swear that Obama and his voters are the "Villains" out to ruin America.

Get Over Yourselves !!! You are not the HERO !!! You are just like them. (ie human) Except that you have different perspectives, beliefs, plans, logic, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Liberals who think the "Trump Voter" supports his philandering, lying, etc ways."

Is there sufficient difference between supporting someone's "philandering, lying, etc ways" and supporting a philanderer, liar, etc.?


jerrye92002 said...

Joel? absolutely and without doubt. Those who support such a person usually deny that his "sins" have anything to do with fitness for office, or deny them altogether. The other side, of course, keeps looking for additional reason to NOT support the individual, even if they have to make stuff up. And that "the other" sometimes DOES make stuff up gives supporters the easy reason to deny everything "those people" say.

jerrye92002 said...

There is a reason Mom warned us not to discuss politics and religion. And we all know the pitfalls of "mixed marriages" due to one or both.