Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trumps Trade Council

CNN Trump Trade Council
Forbes Navarro Only Troubling Appt

It looks like we better get ready for some of our prices to go up on consumer goods...  Which will be good for manufacturing workers, but bad for many consumers. And especially bad for the low and fixed income folks.  Thoughts?


Laurie said...

Here is Kevin Drums take on trade policy:

A Trump Tariff Wall Would Help a Little, But Hurt a Lot

as often for me, his views mirror what I kind of think already in a super vague way. I did take both macro and micro economics 30 years ago. Anyhow, I expect Trump actions in creating trade tariffs to have an overall negative effect.

Anonymous said...

I think people would be comfortable paying more for consumer goods if they knew that the increased jobs and increased pay would go to Americans. That is what we voted for when we elected Donald Trump to the presidency. It remains to be seen if Trump follows through on the promises he made.