Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Liberals For Effectivity and Efficiency

Well RB commenting on this Minnpost Piece  is trying to convince me that Liberals are for effective and efficient government.  You will need to get all the background there, however here are the last few.
"You do not need to trust Beth to understand the data. It is pretty straight forward.
  • the system rewards tenure, degrees and seniority
  • the system does not reward taking challenging positions, performance or results
  • the system gives higher job security and choice of position / school based on seniority
  • therefore the expensive more senior Teachers often choose the easier students / schools. I mean why not, they get paid the same either way.
  • this leaves the most challenged students / schools who need the best highest compensated Teachers with the lowest paid least experienced Teachers.
  • and it places the highest paid most experienced Teachers with the kids who will do fine with any Teacher. (ie strong family and peer support)
So how do Liberals want to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in this case?" G2A
"How about asking teachers? Are you convinced that their tribal loyalties run so deep that they would not support making it easier to get rid of poor teachers?
Or perhaps you have no confidence in the abilities of teachers to identify productive solutions? That they are motivated entirely by economic self-interest (a trait that seems to be bad only in teachers)?
Should we turn education over to management consultants who have no experience in education, but who have an economic interest in selling something--anything--to a willing buyer?" RB
"Well it seems to me that the Public Education system had decades to improve itself. Then a concerned Democrat and Republican decided that it was not, so they agreed to pass a law called NCLB. 
I hoped that if the Public Education system and Union members saw the millions of children they were leaving behind every year... That would be enough to motivate them to seriously change... But it wasn't, they chose instead to complain about the goals, tests, intent, funding, etc, etc, etc. 
They reminded me of a student who had received a poor grade and blamed it on the test, teacher, weather, etc... Anything but themselves.
So those millions of kids are still being left behind each year, little has changed in the "near monopolistic system" and a new group of concerned citizens are more serious about encouraging competition and improvement. For the sake of the unlucky kids. I hope something breaks loose soon.
Just curious, do you think anything changed after Beth made MPS aware of how poorly the resources were being used? I do not know... But I think not." G2A


Anonymous said...

What I always say is that we need to find ways to teach better.


jerrye92002 said...

I find a few glaring flaws in RB's logic. He asks why we do not ask teachers, yet he is reacting in opposition to a teacher who DID find flaws in the "system." He suggests that teachers would, given the opportunity, act as a "professional organization" and expel members who failed to uphold the standards, but the fact is they are a UNION and that makes it impossible to purge the deadwood.

He claims that teachers should be allowed to be motivated by economic self-interest, like everybody else, and then condemns them to the same rigid union pay scales with ZERO economic motivation for performance.

He is concerned that private competition would sell poor "product" to a "willing consumer" bet seems to have no problem with a poor product being forced on an UNWILLING consumer by the current system.

In short, liberals don't give a rip about efficiency. They care about who controls. Dictatorships are highly efficient. They are almost never effective at what government should be doing.