Sunday, February 19, 2017

Low Approval Equals Lost Seats

Jerry and I were discussing what Trump's real approval and disapproval ratings are today over here.  My beliefs are depicted in the graphic below. The things I think he is doing that will continue to keep his approval below 50% include:
  • His obsession with blocking legal refugees and other travelers from 7 countries even though there is no proven threat.
  • His saying he is only deporting violent illegals, while in reality occasionally taking Mothers away from their families.  Separating families and crying children make excellent advertisements for the Democrats against him.
  • His continually saying that our Free Press is an enemy of the citizens. (Lugenpresse)
  • His continual lying over the stupidest things. (biggest electoral win since Reagan)  I mean hasn't he heard of google search?
  • The tendency for him and his staff to make mistakes. (Sweden),  (Bowling Green)
Since he continues to focus on rallying his true believers, fighting against everyone else and focusing on minutia, I really don't see a path to him becoming a President with a high approval rating.  With that in mind, the following article becomes pretty important.  538 Will Trumps Low Approval Ratings Harm GOP  It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 22 months.  Now please remember that I want Trump to succeed, I just don't know how he is going to do it if he:

  • does not improve his methods (ie he is NOT a CEO anymore, people do not need to do what he says...  I wonder how long it will take for him to figure that out?)
  • continues catering exclusively to his base (ie they are a minority of Americans, he won because the system is thankfully rigged by the electoral college. but that only goes so far.)
  • continues speaking/ tweeting before thinking (ie how can any rational person take him serious with all the errors/lies he makes)
  • continues picking fights over the dumbest things (ie adults have the self control to know when to fight and when to ignore) (ie number of people at inauguration?  Really?)
  • continually gets distracted with the minutia instead of getting focused on the economy and healthcare. 
  • continues to try and take credit for everything good and blame others for everything bad. (ie adults know how to share praise and blame)

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