Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Too Many Mega Rich

A conservative used Community Voices to throw a flaming dog turd in the midst of the Liberal crowd over there.  MP OXFAM is Wrong  Here is my first comment in case it does not make it...  Thoughts?  OXFAM Report
"How does the huge population growth amongst the poor populations and developing countries affect this discussion? Human Population Growth Chart

In America we know that single parent households are often poor. How does robbing from Jane's household (ie 2 kids and helpful partner) to pay for Paulina's household (ie 2 kids and AWOL partner) help to fix this continuing generational poverty issue?

Remember that the "War on Poverty" failed in many ways. If you doubt this, look at how many more single Parent households there are now and how so many kids are left behind in K-12.

Personally I am indifferent to how much money the wealthy have. I am more interested to hear how to get back to 2 Parent households and well educated kids. :-) Just giving people money has failed terribly. The unintended consequences are too tragic.

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jerrye92002 said...

Without further reading, I am inclined to state only the well-known fact that the wealthy have fewer children. If you are worried about too many poor children, help to make the parents better off and the problem is solved, both on the "too many" and "poor" fronts. One of my favorite approaches is "microloans" to people to start small businesses, or the equipment (bicycle-powered peanut shellers, for example) to build them with. Also, a very illustrative story about Tuvalu.