Saturday, May 27, 2017

If Kushner Goes to Jail, That Would be Funny

Now that would be amusing if Kushner gets in trouble and ends up in jail...  Since he had no government standing at that time I am not sure what they would get him for?

This drama seems to be never ending...  And Trump's actions seem to indicate that there is fire to go with the smoke.  And then to make things worse Trump would probably pardon any of the people who get convicted...  The chaos that is American politics...

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite things to say is don't take political advice from a lawyer and don't take legal advice from a politician. What I mean by this is that law and politics are two separate if not entirely unrelated realms. There is a lot of confusion between the two, much of which is created by individuals involved in pursuit of their own self interest.

Trump et al., may have committed various crimes. There are lots of statutes which have relevance to various things that they have done. But one can say that in just about any situation, about any politician. But really, the criminal law implications are the least of our concerns, particularly since very few of us will ever serve on a jury in a trial in which any of these folks might be involved. The important questions for us as citizens and voters are political. And in the realm of politics, the protections we afford criminal defendants simply are not relevant. In politics, there is no burden of proof reuquirement, there are no fifth amendment protections. There is no right to due process or any particular form of fairness. In politics, you are the boss, they work for you, and in this free country you can form any conclusion on any basis you want.


John said...

The good news for Trump etal is that there are about 250 million bosses (ie adults) and they usually disagree.

Anonymous said...

Well, Trump controls Congress and the Supreme Court and there are two big things to control. But he is also a minority president with declining poll ratings. I wonder what the founders thought would happen in that situation. How should checks and balances work when the American people want somebody else as president?