Monday, May 15, 2017

Senate Struggles with ACA Replacement

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I find it humorous that the GOP wants to lower healthcare premium costs by decreasing coverage for many.  Isn't anyone truly interested in reducing the cost of Healthcare in America?  It seems everyone is more concerned about who is going to pay how much for what...  Which of course does pretty much nothing to improve the health of people in our country or the amount of our GDP that goes to pay for it.
"Conservatives are making their case to leadership that to lower premiums, Republicans have to gut as many Obamacare regulations as the House bill did. On the chopping block are regulations that include things like the "essential health benefits," a regulation under Obamacare that requires insurers cover key medical costs like maternity care and prescription drugs. Some conservatives have suggested going even further than the House bill did, proposing that instead of allowing states to opt out of the regulations, the Senate would move to remove them altogether and then allow states to opt back in if they choose.

"I think we're going to leave it up to consumer to decide what they want to buy and what they need, so we're going to eliminate mandates, not add them," Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn, the majority whip, told reporters when asked about the "opt in" option.

He added, "We haven't made any decisions. We're just batting around ideas.""


Laurie said...

If you go back and read articles about when Obamacare was created you will find that much thought went into how to contain costs/ lower the cost curve. It is the GOP that doesn't care much about developing this kind of policy.

John said...

Please remember that I don't count "price controls" as lowering the cost.

To lower the cost one needs to attack those factors. And beware just going after profits, there may be some really bad unintended consequences tied to that apparently low hanging fruit.

Unhealthy Americans abound
Americans want to save everyone
Saving everyone weakens Americans
Americans insist everyone MUST stay alive
Americans love lawsuits
Americans and Doctors love expensive tests
American Government bureaucracy
Private insurance bureaucracy, profits & wages
Pharmaceutical personnel, profits & wages
Medical device personnel, profits & wages
Healthcare bureaucracy, profits & wages
Excessive medical licensing requirements

John said...

However if you find a source how ACA encouraged people to live healthier, I would be happy to see it.

John said...

Effects of ACA on Cost Curve

Laurie said...

a 5 second google search turned up this:

Health Reform and Healthy People Initiative

I didn't actually read it but I think it might be an example of how the ACA encouraged people to live healthier.