Friday, May 19, 2017

Kasich for President

Now I know it is too earlier to start that...  But I hope he runs again and wins sometime...

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Though he may be a little religious right for me...  Thoughts?


jerrye92002 said...

Two words: bridges burned.

John said...

Just think though... Six months ago I did not know his name and now I am impressed by him.

Never say never... Remember that just 1 year ago we thought that Trump was some strange highly alienating back stabbing self serving egotist narcissist who could never get elected... And we were wrong about one of those things.

jerrye92002 said...

Odd. A year ago (and 20 years ago) I knew his name and record and was impressed. Now, no thanks.

John said...

Yes he does seem to be less of a right wing extremist than in the past.

And he seems interested in working across party lines...

I can see how he no longer appeals to you. :-)

jerrye92002 said...

I would take offense except that, from your point of view, you're absolutely right. Not that he ever was an "extremist" in any way. I always considered him more of a pragmatist. If anything, he has become more of an "extreme moderate," and what the country needs right now is a good strong shove towards the right. Moderates cannot do what is necessary. You have to "make a deal" by starting out so far to the right that, by the time you compromise, you have still made progress in the right (in both senses of that word) direction. That is Trump to a T.

John said...

Since I am an MR, you have to be at least an RM if not an RR. I mean really, how many people are sitting to the right of you in the theater? So be proud and own your Far Right standing, and own it.

And you helped to create the continuum. You would love to lower the government spend by a lot.

I see Kasich as probably an RM. And negotiating technique has nothing to do with political bias. That is just good bargaining.

jerrye92002 said...

I will "own" whatever opinions I choose to express, and I don't consider what label to put them under before stating them. I also believe that one's bias does not in any way alter the objective reality "on the stage" before us. We all see the same thing, but our bias determines our reaction to it.

I have also been having a lengthy discussion elsewhere about "confirmation bias." my point there has been that, nowadays, any "news story" is repeated so many times in such a short time span that, by the time it is proven to be a lie, only those whose knowledge, experience and bias led them to believe it was a lie in the first place will accept that truth. Everybody else will go right on believing the lie and deny the truth.

How is that applicable here? I judge Kasich by his words and actions, compared with his words and actions of many years ago. I judge them as being more moderate, and in fact too moderate to be much help to the country. I do not need to be labeled, nor to label the Ohio Governor, to make that assessment.

John said...

I have a new idea for a new diagram... You will probably dislike it but I think it will be pretty cool.