Saturday, August 5, 2017

On Vacation. Again...

Now isn't Trump the guy who said he would have no time for vacations because he would be too busy working for us citizens?

Didn't he also criticize Obama for taking too much vacation and playing too much golf?

Now it turns out Trump is the guy spending a LOT more time on vacations and golf.  Not to mention the huge amount more his travel and security is costing us citizens.  I truly wonder sometimes if Trump feels any regret for all the lies he spews forth?

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Anonymous said...

I always thought criticizing Obama for his vacations was really dub. In Trump's case, the criticism he directed at Obama was simply an attempt to manipulate the stupidity and other qualities of his, Trump's supporters.

I am concerned that a lot of the criticism toward Trump is too reflexive and just too stupid. We simply have to be better than Trump's supporters.