Thursday, August 10, 2017

Balance of Power

I really wonder if Trump will ever figure out that he is not the Boss?  I wonder if this is how he treated potential customers and business partners when he was trying to make a deal?

CNN Trump Just Picked a Dumb Fight with McConnell
VOX Trump Tweets McConnell Should Back to Work
FOX Trump Blasts McConnell

Let's think, McConnell is 75 years old, just got elected for 6 years and reports to the People of Kentucky.  Why again should he care about taunts from a petulant youngster?


Anonymous said...

There isn't much point in speculating about Trump's choice of direction, unless you know where exactly, he wants to go. Trump's ultimate goals are on cards he holds very close to his vest. There may in fact be nothing written on those cards. But until we know exactly what is or is not on them, it's very hard to evaluate whether in his terms he is succeeding or failing.

I have a sense that Trump's goal is winning and what he fears most is losing. The actual substance of what a win or a loss might be isn't of much interest to him. The disturbing thing for him now might very well be that the standards he applied in the private sector, money or TV ratings, just don't matter as much in his new job. Without defined goals, what choice does this goal oriented guy have except to flail?


John said...

This seems informative given his irrational outbursts.
HP Types of Narcissist

Dealing with a Narcissist

Of course given that both Trump and the crazy guy in N Korea are like this... It could end very badly.

Sean said...

While we wait for the missiles to fly, we can all take comfort in the fact that at least we don't have a President with a history of sub-optimal e-mail practices.

John said...

Well if the missiles fly... I will change my mind and admit that I should have voted for the approaching Dem Socialist... :-)

Sean said...

Are you enjoying the "economic anxiety" rallies going on in Virginia?