Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Black / White Privilege

An interesting piece.  Thoughts?
CNN Black Privilege 

No Charges in Jamar Clark Shooting

The investigation was completed very thoroughly and no charges were filed.  Do you think the BLM folks will accept the ruling that a drunk, high and violent Jamar Clark brought this violent end upon himself?

Hennepin County Evidence Page
MP No Charges
MPR No Charges
CNN No Charges

Monday, March 28, 2016

Big Money in Georgia Politics

Often Democrats complain about "Big Money" influencing and controlling our political system.  I have to wonder if they are disappointed that blackmail by "Huge Money" caused the Governor to VETO this bill.  Ironically the NFL who Liberals love to hate were one of the deciding voices.

Now isn't it ironic that the will of the people of Georgia is being denied because the very wealthy and powerful prefer LGBT freedoms over Religious freedoms.  Thoughts?

CNN GA Governor to Veto Religious Liberty Bill
Fox News VETO Due Boycott Threats

Friday, March 25, 2016

Harrteau's Warning And NAACP's Response

The Minneapolis Chief of Police Harteau makes a common sense announcement reinforcing that violent / illegal protests will not be tolerated...  And the self obsessed NAACP / BLM choose to take offense at this...  Even after violence and law breaking have occurred at many of their protests. Examples of this include:

Now I am all for free speech and letting these folks say anything they want.  However they definitely become more than a public nuisance when they choose to violate the law, create public safety problems and interfere with the plans /property of other free American citizens.

So Chief Harteau please arrest and throw the book at anyone who damages property, harms other people, trespasses, blocks public roads, etc.  You have my support...  Of course I don't live in Plymouth, so that is probably pretty irrelevant...  :-)

Climate Change... Again

"Climate change is huge with many many many causal factors, many possible reactions and change is very very very slow."  G2A

"Off topic, I assume, but you should know that a new peer-reviewed paper has proven that science CANNOT accurately predict climate change. The climate system and its interactions are too complex, too poorly understood, and woefully incorrectly "modeled." Basing any public policy on the so-called climate models is slightly less sensible than basing it on the reading of chicken bones." Jerry

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Bathroom Issues and Transgenders

MPR MN Bathroom Bill

Not sure why a birth certificate is required...  But if you have a penis and no breasts I think you should use the Men's room...  And if you have a vagina and breasts I think you should use the Women's room.  Seems simple to me.  Thoughts?

Women Do Make Less Often

This study is fascinating.  Thoughts?

"Although the “adjusted” gender pay gap is smaller than the often-cited comparison of average male and female pay, it remains an important and statistically significant gap. It persists even after comparing men and women with the same job title, at the same company, and with similar education and experience—a large gap that is clear in the data."

Glass Door Pay Equity Study
CNN Money Summary

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Decrease of Two Parent Households

Laurie posted this excellent article. WM Why is Marriage Thriving?  It has some great information and some absolutely stupid comments...
"It’s also seemingly only Americans with four-year degrees or better who appear immune to the broader cultural and social forces eroding marriage. In 1950, white women with “some college,” such as an associate’s degree, were actually more likely to be married than their better-educated sisters. Today, it’s the opposite. Though women with a high school diploma or less have seen the sharpest drop in marriage rates, the decline has been almost as severe—and ongoing—for women just one short rung down the education ladder, regardless of race."  (no duh... see below...)

"One reason the marriage behavior of elites has been so puzzling is that it defies the popular explanation for marriage’s decline." (really...)

"College graduates, wrote Reeves in the Atlantic, “are reinventing marriage as a child-rearing machine for a post-feminist society and a knowledge economy.” It’s the ultimate in helicopter parenting." (really...)
Let's think about my list of what causes people to be poor:
  1. single parent w/ 1+ children (often too young)
  2. divorced and supporting 2 households
  3. more children than they can afford
  4. no high school degree or GED
  5. particular about job / gets themselves fired
  6. unwilling to work 40 or more hours per week
  7. poor spending choices / credit card debt
  8. living above their means
  9. addicted to drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc
  10. health problems
Let's think about what it takes to get a degree, get married, delay child bearing, avoid addiction and stay married:
  1. willingness to delay immediate gratification to pursue a long term goal
  2. ability to work with and put up with people who are difficult at times
  3. willingness to at times put the wants of others before one's own
  4. ability to stick to a commitment or pledge
  5. an interest in academic and other learning
And these folks are wondering why college educated women stay married and succeed more often?

This lady is probably surprised actively practicing religious folks are more likely to stay married...


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Reparations Movement is Silly

From MP Reparations 
I agree with Joe, what are these folks thinking and what world do they live in? Saying this about the 2 most expensive districts in the state. And criticizing the charters who get ~50% of that funding. It is amazing.

“When it comes to the education crisis in Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools there is no money, there is no funding, nobody can come up with any solutions,”

As for causation and reparations: Now it is terrible that African Americans were brought here against their will, abused, worked, violated and killed. And thankfully the USA ended this deplorable practice before 1870.

Now my ancestors came here broke and speaking Norwegian sometime about then. They learned English, worked hard, made good choices and were pretty successful. My point is that blaming an event that occurred over 150 years ago for ones current state has got to be the most foolish thing I have heard of.

70 years ago Germany and Japan were totally destroyed and now they are 2 of the most successful countries in the world. I think these folks should be looking inward instead of outward.

Friday, March 18, 2016

What is Good Government

Now this is an excellent topic from the SCOTUS post.
"They have chosen to offer the advice that Obama not nominate anyone, and withhold their consent for such. Where is the problem?" Jerry

The problem is anti-government folks like you voting in anti-government politicians (Oh, the irony!) which leaves the intelligent people in this country (those that understand that government has a purpose other than making war) stuck with an anti-government." Joel

"The problem is anti-government folks like you voting in anti-government politicians..." Joel

"Yep. People like me. People who think the government has usurped far too much power and authority for themselves and wish to elect people who will devolve power back to the States and to individuals. Or simply people who recognize that government does a few things well and a lot of things very badly, and want the government to quit doing those badly done, counterproductive things. You don't have to be "anti-government" to be pro-GOOD-government. " Jerry
Liberals seem to think that a functional good government is some monstrous thing that pervades and controls many aspects of our personal lives and most of the power is at the Federal level. (ie 50+% of GDP)  Conservatives think that a functional good government is some minimalistic thing that keeps us safe, maintains property rights, helps educate the citizens, provides transportation, etc and most of the power is at the State level. (ie 20-% of GDP)

Who is correct an why?  G2A Political Self Awareness

Thursday, March 17, 2016

SCOTUS Nomination

Personally I think it is too bad that Obama nominated someone that was nominated by Clinton.  If he would have picked someone that been nominated by one of the Bush Presidents it would have been a much better showing of good faith.  Thoughts?

CNN You Reap What You Sow
CNN Obama's Last Fight
Fox News NRA Against Nominee
NPR Merrick Garland
Wiki Merrick Garland
MP Obama's Pick

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dayton's MN Budget Proposal

From MP Dayton's Proposal...
"Mr. Gotzman left out a word. It would appear that the Governor's motto for this budget cycle is "Tax and Spend and Save for a Rainy Day." I'm fine with that, personally.
As a senior living on a fixed income that's significantly lower than the median in Minneapolis, I dislike crumbling roads and bridges as much as anyone. If raising the tax on gasoline – whether at the wholesale or the retail level – is what it takes to keep the region's (and state's) roads and bridges in safe operating condition, so be it. There ain't no free lunch…
While I'm not wedded to the specific figure of $15 an hour as a minimum wage, I do think that the current minimum wage is far too low. $10 an hour, which is, I believe, still somewhat above the current minimum, yields an annual income of less than $21,000. It appears, based on online sources, that average 1-bedroom apartment rental in Minneapolis is just over $1,000 a month – out of an income, at $10 an hour, of just over $1700 a month. It's nearly 60% of that monthly income, and for an "average" 1-bedroom apartment. Add another $100+ for utilities every month, toss in $200 a month for food, and there's not much left with which to take part in a "consumer economy," no matter how broadly it's defined.
I do agree that it's going to be an interesting election cycle." Ray
"Living Large. I will never understand the 1 bedroom apartment concept on one income as the standard.
Back when I was making minimum wage I had 5 room mates with who to split the rent, utilities, etc. Then of course I moved into the marriage stage of my life where we had 2 incomes to support the 1 bedroom apartment.
I believe the idea is to make living on minimum wage relatively uncomfortable so that people are encouraged to improve their earning potential. Unless you would prefer for them to stay trapped at the bottom rungs of the work force.
This article has some good data.  Atlantic Raise Min Wage?" G2A
"I think we've passed the point where people are merely "living uncomfortably" and are to the point where it's unsustainable. Yes, people can cram a lot of bodies into an apartment and split the rent, but that only delays the issue as wages continue to stagnate and productivity gains are funneled to the wealthiest Americans.
Most cities have housing codes that only allow so many people per house. What do you do when five people no longer cuts it and ten is illegal? It's better to take action now than wait till it becomes a crisis." Todd
"I agree. Let's take action.
The goal needs to be to increase the quality / capability of and the need for American workers, not just their wages. Increasing the cost without increasing the value will just encourage more American consumers to buy even more from overseas, and drive companies to automate more positions.
If you really want to help, how do we as a society close the achievement gap and develop a culture where Americans are willing to pay more for High Domestic Content Products and Services. Now who is willing to give up their Subaru, Hyundai, Kia, Samsung, LG, Sony, etc, etc, etc?" G2A

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Politicians and Salespeople

Over here (G2A Why People Support Trump) we were discussing how politicians keep promising free things, and how us silly voters keep believing them.
  • Be it Bernie promising healthcare and college benefits that will cost tax payers little.
  • Or Trump, Cruz, etal promising big tax cuts that will not increase the national debt or cut "necessary" services.
I have to ask, are we tax payers that gullible and naive?  Thoughts?
""Ted Cruz, for instance, has a tax plan that would trim federal revenue by $860B annually, but he has only specified $50B annually in spending cuts." Sean

And yes I have heard the GOP silliness that one cuts taxes to raise revenues. Unfortunately Reagan and Bush showed that it did not work.

Zfacts Reagan Bush Tax Cuts " G2A
""And yes I have heard the GOP silliness that one cuts taxes to raise revenues. Unfortunately Reagan and Bush showed that it did not work." -- John

Such statements are common when you read left-wing sources. The fact is, the Reagan (and I believe) Bush tax cuts DID increase federal revenues. The debt exploded because Congress failed to curb (or even control) spending, which rose faster. Just like MN, we don't have a revenue problem, we have a SPENDING problem. Trump's simple diagnosis, that "we have stupid people in Washington" may not point to a cure, but it sure resonates with people who believe the same thing. And why shouldn't they? Any fool knows that when you get deep in debt the first thing you do is cut up your credit cards, and then start figuring out what you can cut out of your budget." Jerry

Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Excuses Discipline

Another gift from Laurie.
"Since my long link has sparked no interest I will throw in a new topic, which is again a bit long, but not as daunting as the Obama doctrine. This one is on education, the video in question can be found about midway through the article.
Beyond the viral video 
Inside educators’ emotional debate about ‘no excuses’ discipline"

The Obama Doctrine

A gift from Laurie:
Here's a link for a new topic idea. Its really looooong. I have only read excerpts so far but find it very interesting. I wish Obama could run for a third term.
The Obama Doctrine
Obama Talks Through Hardest Decisions
Given the poor choices available, I almost wish Obama could run for a third term.  Something about being more comfortable with the devil you know...  And as long as grid lock persists he is pretty harmless.

I keep looking for that elusive mythical Fiscal Conservative Social Liberal candidate.  Maybe I will become a Trump supporter after all. 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Irresponsible Animal Owners

Since I don't have cable, I had never watched "Cesar 911" until the last 2 weeks while I was in China. Ironically I could not access Facebook, Google, Blogger, etc, however I did have the National Geographic WILD channel.  This guy saves dogs in essence by teaching their owners to become responsible and capable pet owners. And here apparently 10,000 irresponsible people want the show tossed because a dog bit a pig.  MSN Animal Cruelty Complaint
"Jill Breitner initiated the petition on, calling for Nat Geo WILD to take the show "Cesar 911" off the air. Friday morning, the number of signatures was closing in on 10,000."
These folks would go nuts if they watched what my hunting dog does to rabbits and skunks. And yes she was SO PROUD when she brought me back the dead skunk out at the farm 3 weeks after I had gotten her from the Humane Society last June when Cassie died.  She did not enjoy the 2 weeks of many baths she endured as I worked to get the stench off her.  Thankfully she has not done it again... [yet :-)  ]

The point of my rant is that even Izzie (shown below in the silly Xmas vest my oldest daughter bought her) who is typically the most mellow playful dog on this earth has her moments. I am very aware that my job is to be her owner, and like parenting this takes a lot of work and self discipline. I have a wireless fence, a training collar and lots of petting / treats.

I have to wonder what the petition signers do with their pets?  And what would they do if their dog nipped another animal or person?  Personally I hope that people who watch Cesar would learn to understand that they do their dogs no favors by coddling them and letting them push limits without consequences.

Izzie's worst behavior is her tendency wander off when her nose finds an interesting smell.  This was particularly frustrating at the lake.  One moment she was laying there and the next she was gone...  I am thinking I will be buying another device for when we are away from home. :-)...

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Why People Support Trump

Well this is a bit better, at least you are not calling my Parent's stupid again...
Another topic idea (with a more charitable explanation of why people such as your parents might support Trump):

White working-class nostalgia, explained by John Wayne

one good word:we

and from Kevin Drum about Trump supporters:

Americans Aren't Anxious About the Economy. So What Are They Anxious About?
I get back to the cities about 2 PM Mpls time.  I can't wait. 

Gridlock: It Could Be Much Worse

Well after ~11 days behind the Great Chinese Fire Wall...  I have made it to the land of the rising sun and internet freedom.  Unfortunately I am boarding soon so I will post Laurie's links for now.
"When you are back in town and interested in blogging again here is a link that I think makes an interesting topic.

Constitutional Crisis and Political Stalemate

You may think continued gridlock is a good idea. I sort of agree, as the continuation of dysfunctional govt is much better than Trump or Cruz as president.
Yeah.  Imagine if Cruz wins and the GOP controls the House and Senate...  :-( 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Super Tuesday

What do you think about the Super Tuesday results?

CNN Super Tuesday

Flint Michigan Water

Well I am back in China again and this is the first hotel where I have been able to access my blogger account.  So for a change of pace, what do you think regarding the Flint disaster?

CNN How did the Flint water become toxic