Sunday, October 28, 2012

Responsibility Hierarchy

After discussing my sister's letter with Hiram, I think I have figured it out.  Fiscal Conservatives like myself see the responsibility hierarchy like this.  It starts with personal responsibility first, progresses through the steps, with Federal rarely being used. (ie small population of people)  And preferably they mostly pressure the lower levels to fulfill their role.

Whereas the Fiscal Liberals seemingly want to skip steps 1 thru 5 and give all the responsibility, authority and power to the Federal government. Thus lifting the burden of responsibility from everyone above.
  1. Person
  2. Person's Family
  3. Charities & Other Non-Profits
  4. Local Government 
  5. State Government
  6. Federal Government *
* Primarily paid for by the "Wealthy" (ie wealth transfer)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

News Bias About Libya?

The FOX folks may be a bit over the top on this, yet they raise some excellent points. Why aren't the main stream outlets covering this more closely?  If Obama had been a Republican would they be behaving the same way? (I don't think so)

Thoughts?  And what do you think about this topic?

FOX News Toothless Watch Dogs
CNN Panetta
Yahoo Timeline
FOX News Obama Refuses to Answer
FOX News Stand Down

By the way, there is only one CNN link because they seem to be avoiding the story of late...

Friday, October 26, 2012

Vote Romney: A Woman's View

Here is an excellent letter that my brilliant and caring sister Elizabeth posted on her Facebook page.
"Many of you thinking of voting for Obama have asked why I support Romney. It may not make me popular, but I believe it is important we all stand up for what we believe in ... And I enjoy and respect what you all believe too. But in case you want to know, here it is ...

I vote for the person who most matches my beliefs. Government should limit its effort to primary services such as keeping us safe (law enforcement, military, justice system), providing infrastructure and education for people age 5 to 18. I am sure there are many more things, but these are the top ones that come to mind. The point is that the government is currently trying to do way too many things that weren't in the original framework of the government. Hence, our current $16 trillion debt.

I want citizens to be free to use our time, talents and money to support the individual goals of our own lives. If people need help, we should help them privately and not depend on an inefficient government to help the unfortunate. We have a duty to help people who need help, but I choose to do this through my church and other non profit organizations.

I don't want the government involved in my healthcare choices or payment of healthcare services. As a person with multiple health disorders, that sounds like a nightmare to me. I want to keep my money and purchase my own health insurance. I want to pick my own doctors.

I am pro life and believe all life begins at conception. And that the baby should be protected regardless of its reason for being created. The baby's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should be protected by the law. Through out my years of infertility, I witnessed abortions being the every day solution when doctors put too many embryos in a woman which caused 3 or more babies to be created. The doctors would "reduce" the pregnancy to one or 2 babies seemingly without hesitation. What is going on in our world when you can choose to kill a baby you just purposely created???

I want America to be energy independent so we can all save money at the pumps. This alone will literally put money in the pockets of almost every American. Money they can use however they need to for their family.

Will Mitt Romney do exactly what he says or exactly what I want? Of course not. But he will certainly be more likely to make the fiscally and morally responsible choices I believe in than Obama. Just look at how Obama handled the travesty of Libya. How can anyone trust him after he lied about something so significant? And even if he didn't lie, at best he and his staff were terribly incompetent.

I understand and respect if you don't believe these things. It really is okay. That is what is great about America. We can all have a say. We can all have a vote. Thank God, and God bless America! Now get your vote in ... for Romney!:)"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Believe in America

The other day I saw a neat little American flag sticker with the words "Believe In America",  The irony of course was that it was in the window of someone's Honda Civic in the work parking lot.

I work at an American Owned Manufacturing company that has a great deal of its development, corporate, sales, manufacturing, etc in the United States. Therefore they/we generate a lot of tax dollars and jobs for America. This is a good thing, but what concerns me is that many of these employees that traditionally would have been American Manufacturing advocates and supporters are now driving non-American product.  They seem to agree with Stossel's view.
Stossel Buy American Dumb Idea

Of course, the irony is that if everyone optimizes to get the most value at the lowest cost, then there will be less money available to spend, since companies have to have revenues in order to pay personnel.  Stossel seems to avoid that side of the equation totally.

Of course Obama's policies are about punishing American companies for trying to reduce costs and stay competitive. (ie prevent writing off plant closure expenses) And about spending Tax dollars to help subsidize GM and its workers.  So I am not sure what he is thinking?

It is kind of funny that no where in the campaign did any of the candidates stress the importance of American's buying American if they want to save American jobs.  As one of my friends said " soon we will all be selling carpet to each other", and I don't think that pays too well...  The upside is we won't need to be good at math or science...


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Poor Advertising?

Don't forget tomorrows forum ... However I thought this was humorous and worth sharing.
Who do you think is more frustrated by this ad?  Romney having his content on MPP, or Liberals having to repeatedly see this ad on MPP.  Remember if you are a Liberal, go there and pick the button often.  Then you can help transfer some of Mitt's money to the MPP folk.  Interesting idea?  Here is the Link MPP.   Maybe Adsense isn't so smart after all.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

RAS Area Legislative Candidate Forum

Don't Forget to Attend
Candidate Forum Thursday 7 PM at RAS ESC

Romney Obama Debate 3

I don't have much to say about the debate except blah, blah, blah.  I don't think I learned anything new.  Maybe I was too distracted by the work I was doing.

What did I miss that you think was important?

Youtube Debate 3
NPR Transcript

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Government or Personal Property?

We have a day before the debates, so let's try a new discussion.

"This notion that government owns all income and then allows each of us to have some of it back is just wildly offensive." J Ewing

J and I definitely believe that what we own and earn is our personal property, and that it is right to pay some amount of it to society to pay for our membership and the benefits it offers.  Hiram and Laurie seem to believe that everything belongs to Society and that we should be thankful for what we are allowed to keep...

Is this correct or am I putting words in your mouths?  Thoughts?

This seems to be a key point that shows up often in our discussions and with respect to what is "FAIR".

Thursday, October 18, 2012

RAS Board Candidate Forum

3 seats are open on the Robbinsdale School Board. Sherry Tyrrell, Helen Bassett, John Vento and Ron Stoffel are the candidates that spoke.  (Peter Vasseur did not attend)

It definitely was a lot calmer than the Presidential debates, in fact it was pretty boring. Typical comments noted the low state/federal funding, arts are great, district is great, district staff is great, need to partner with volunteers and businesses, etc, etc, etc.

The most amusement came when there were some specific audience generated questions aimed at Ron's past activities. (anti-referendum, right to make questionable statements) Apparently some attendees still had hurt feelings and an axe to grind.  I think he did well at answering these, and the poor Moderator's face was priceless since she had none of the history. (ie impartial & not from district)

My frustration was that when asked how the district's results would be improved, no one even dared to touch the concept of Teacher evaluations, Parent/Student class satisfaction surveys, or any staff accountability concepts.  When asked about how to lengthen the school year by a few days, they just rolled their eyes and said that there was no funding available to do this.  It must be my "salary based viewpoint" showing, wouldn't professional salaried Teachers just work the few more days if asked in order to help the kids?

Ron and John impressed me most in that they seemed to have the most out of the box ideas.  Implement more technology and change teaching methods to increase effectiveness. Technology ear marked referendum if necessary. Whereas Sherry and Helen seemed focused on lobbying for more money.  Maybe they know something based on their experience, or they have become part of "the collective"... (need more money...  need more money... need more money...)

Here is a link if you are interested.  Thoughts?
Access Forum Video/Audio Here
G2A RAS and Group Think
G2A Teacher Evaluation Forms
G2A Better Public Education

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Obama Romney Debate: Tie?

I think both sides showed up and did a great job.  The pundits are giving the win to Obama, but I think it was by a very small margin if this was the case.

What do you think?    Debate Link

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RAS Board Candidate Forum

Don't forget to attend on Wednesday Evening. LWV Voter

Candidate Forum - Robbinsdale Area School Board
Wed, 17 Oct, 2012 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
This will be cablecast on the school district cable channel
Location: Education Service Center Board Room
4148 Winnetka Avenue North
New Hope, MN

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vote NO: MN Marriage Amendment

Of course I am voting NO, which shouldn't be a surprise given my get religion out of government views.  Here is one of the funnier things I read on the vote YES site.
"Perhaps most importantly, shifting the focus of our marriage laws away from the interests of children and society as a whole, and onto the desires of the adults involved in a same-sex relationship will result in the most profound long-term consequences. Such a paradigm shift says to children that mothers and fathers don’t matter (especially fathers) – any two “parents” will do. It proclaims the false notion that a man can be a mother and a woman can be a father – that men and women are exactly the same in rearing children. And it undermines the marriage culture by making marriage a meaningless political gesture, rather than a child-affirming social construct."

In this world that is full of single parent household's and gay/lesbian parents, I would think we would want to encourage more marriages for the kids.  I am assuming that 2 Mothers would be much better than 1 Mother and NO father.  And if the Gay/Lesbian couple has kids, then don't we want them to be married (long term commitment) for the good of the children? (like the the vote YES adds say)

Unless the the Religious right will soon be working to make it illegal for gay and lesbian couples to have kids, or be the Parents of them.  Seems like a natural next step based on this Arch-Bishop's views.  Maybe it will give him justification for spending more of the offerings.

Star Tribune Arch-Bishop Draws Line
Minnesotans for Marriage
Freedom to Marry
Star Tribune Conservative Case for Same Sex Marriage

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden Ryan Debate Thoughts

I thought it was an interesting debate. The two definitiely have different philosophies and plans for America.

I think Biden may have excited the DFL base and alienated some moderates with his cynical scoffing expressions and continual interuptions.  Whereas Ryan seemed to stay calm, polite, collected, candid, etc, which I think many moderates will respect.  Though his strong pro-life message will scare some of the moderates off.

It will be interesting to see what the polls say in the coming week, and if this makes any change at all.  Personally I think it was a draw, to maybe a slight win for Ryan.


Youtube Debate Biden Ryan Video

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

GOP Principles Over Survival?

I promised to give you a shot at the Republicans, so here you go.  These folks continually rely on the White Bible bangers to enable them to stay in power.  You know these folks that want the government to legislate our morality per their beliefs.  Thereby relieving us of the freedom to love/marry who we choose, execute family planning as we choose, and do many other very personal things.  If they had their way, the government would likely enforce mandatory Christian church attendance every week and make many fun things very illegal.

Ironically the commitment to some of these folks is likely to cause the party to lose power in the coming years. (see linked article)  I mean the adamant Pro-Life (anti-choice/gov't knows best) stance alone probably costs the party millions of fiscally Conservative voters.

Thoughts on these or any of the other GOP stalwart supporters?
NYT Can Demographics Shift an Election?

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Peace Lovers are Confusing

I asked a question over at MPP and didn't get an answer so we'll try it over here. Below are my comments and questions.  MPP Somebody Knew from the Start
"So the Taliban were in power and allowing anti-American forces to train on their property. They were treating women and girls as second class citizens and slaves. What would a peace and human rights loving person do in the situation?
I don't disagree that it is difficult to achieve long term success in the region. Just curious what you would have done different?"
This came to mind after reading and seeing the things below.  I realize that we can't and probably shouldn't try to save everyone, yet to continually complain about the USA military actions when they are trying to do just that seems odd from a peace loving Liberal.  May be it is easier for them to ignore the plight of dissidents in Iraq, women in Afganistan, people in Somalia, etc than to have to face it on the television.
CNN Girl Wounded for Speaking Out
CNN Taliban Execute Woman as Men Cheer

Monday, October 8, 2012

Democrats Rely on Who / Why?

An interesting though rude quote from Winston Churchill. “Show me a young Conservative and I'll show you someone with no heart. Show me an old Liberal and I'll show you someone with no brains.”

Now I am not trying to annoy my Democratic friends anymore than usual, and I promise to pick on the GOP folk soon.  However I still want to understand why you think it is so hard for the Democrats to gain overwhelming support amongst the middle class voters.  Why do they absolutely NEED the votes of the young, poor, infirm, etc?

If their policies make sense for the USA as a whole and are going to enable massive improvements in our country, why aren't the vast majority of typical middle class voters in their camp?  Based on the data in this link, they should have a slam dunk...

I know the Pro Life / Pro Choice issue skews the vote.  If it wasn't for that would the majority of American's vote Democrat? Thoughts? 

G2A What Percent Are You?

By the way, this could get exciting yet !!!
CNN Romney Debate Bump?
NYT Poll Info

Vote YES for MN Voter ID

I'll start this one with a comment from Hiram.  Be patient, we will get to the marriage amendment later this week.  Let's work through this first.

"There are other things as well. It's the Republican Party through through it's attempt to impose voter ID which is intent on rigging the election in their favor. Such an attack on the integrity of our political systems would be inconceivable coming from Democrats."  Hiram

My reasons for supporting the amendment are pretty simple:
  • Are the DFL policy arguments so weak that they require the most off the grid to people to win.  What does that say for their policies?
  • Voting is more important than getting on a plane or buying a beer, therefore ID requirements should be more robust, not less.
  • The Republicans will also likely lose votes as the "standard of proof" is increased, they seem ok with this. 

Protect My Vote
MinnPost Voter ID Page
MPP Voter Suppression

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Conservatives: Not Conservative?

I have been having an interesting exchange of comments with Bill Prendergast at the MN Progressive Project.

In summary from my perspective, Bill thinks that most "Conservative / Republican" politicians knowingly lie to get themselves elected. They profess and swear by the philosophy of Conservatism on the campaign trail, and then become Liberal big spenders once they get into office. All the while knowing that adding spending and growing government is the only way they can maintain their power. He feels strongly that this character flaw is terrible, sick and will lead America into a brick wall.  Whereas the Liberal politicians are truthful, ethical and facing reality with open minds and therefore can govern more effectively. (the last sentence is my assumption)

Here is the link to the details.  The discussion of interest is in the comments. MPP Romney Education The Worst

Warren Meyer in this Forbes article seems to support Bill's philosophy that both parties seem to be interested in growing government when he says:
"The political incentives are for these lines to always go up, which is why the spending line has gone up almost irrespective of the party in charge for 60 years." Forbes Federal Deficit: Spending Problem
Of course I pointed Bill back to our continuum and the relativity post. And asked the following... Mitt is likely more Liberal than some of his more Conservative supporters, however he is likely significantly much more Conservative than Obama. Now does that make him Liberal or Conservative?  Also, I asked who I should vote for if I want spending and revenues back at ~20% of GDP? It seems he did not see that as being attainable, which of course I disagree with.

Below are the links I had in the comments.  Thoughts regarding Bill's Reality or my comments?

G2A Political Continuum
G2A Conflict Collusion
G2A Relativity
G2A Problem with Intent

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

RAS Area Legislative Candidate Forum

From my friends at the Legislative Action Committee.  I'll be there unless the "boss" has different plans. Mark your calendars !!!

Join us for a Legislative Candidate Forum on Thursday, October 25th. Check-in begins at 6:45 pm. We will have volunteers available to help you determine your district and candidates. The forum will begin at 7:00 and end at 8:00 pm. It will be held at the Education Service Center located at 4148 Winnetka Ave N in New Hope. (SE corner of Winnetka and 42nd Aves N.) Parking lot and entrance is located on the south side of the building. The forum is specific to all issues that impact public education.

Candidates invited to participate are:
District 46 A Ryan Winkler (DFL) and John Swanson (R)
District 46 Ron Latz (DFL) and Paul Scofield (R)
District 45 B Mike Freiberg (DFL) and Reid Johnson (R)
District 45 A Lyndon Carlson (DFL) and Jeff Pauly (R)
District 45 Ann Rest (DFL) and Blair Tremere (R)
District 44 A Aubrey Britton (DFL) and Sarah Anderson (R)
District 44 Terri Bonoff (DFL) and David Gaither ( R )
District 40 B Debra Hilstrom (DFL) and Richard Cushing (R)
District 40 A Michael Nelson (DFL)
District 40 Chris Eaton (DFL)

This is a great opportunity for YOU to interview the candidates for their jobs. Feel free to bring questions or just listen. These are the people who represent you at the Capitol in St. Paul.

Please contact or 763-504-4087 for more information.

Forum Flyer
Who Represents Me Link

Blue = MN Senate   Green = MN Legislature

Monday, October 1, 2012

2013 Tax Increases

Look at the rapidly approaching opportunity for all of us to do something to help lower the National Debt, stimulate our economy, and/or transfer wealth to the less fortunate.  Of course the Liberals are only concerned about the folks who will see the $412/yr to $3540/yr increase, since they are "paying more than their fair share" !!!   Whereas they are not too concerned about those that pay most of the Nation's bills and will see a $14,173 increase, "since they are not paying their fair share" !!!  (see table in CNN link)

Its hard to even type that with a straight face... I've ball parked my household increase at $500+ per month !!!  I wonder what I won't buy, hire done, invest, etc to pay for that?

Remember what Cochrane said about the CBO / Keynesian method.  The CBO will likely count the ~$6,000 they lift from my wallet and count it as a ~$9,000 GDP increase...  Does that make sense, since I would have likely spent it on something new and shiny with an engine in it?  Or on gas for my current high power toys? Or college for my to be Freshman daughter next year?


CNN $3500 Fiscal Cliff
Tax Policy Center Report
Bloomberg CBO Cochrane
FOX News Middle Income: $2000/yr
Fidelity Tax Hike Descriptions
Fidelity Tax Hike Calculator
SM Healthcare Personal Tax Impact