Sunday, March 31, 2019

RDale Board Mtg 2Apr19

I decided to see if the Board had named who they hired a detective to investigate...  No luck there, but they do have a meeting Tuesday evening with some interesting things on the docket.

From my reading of the proposals, it looks like they are going implement some kind of "variable punishment policy". I assume to align with this deal. Thoughts?

Proposal to Change Handbook
2018/19 Handbook
Proposed Student Discipline Policy Change
  • Every school shall establish a Schoolwide and Classroom Behavior Plan identifying and teaching behavior expectations and identified responses within the requirements of this policy and directives from the Superintendent.
  • Every classroom will establish and teach behavior expectations within the district’s policy, the Superintendent’s directives and the school’s behavior plan with participation from the students in the classroom.
  • Every school employee will demonstrate high standards of behavior, modeling appropriate actions and response to student behaviors.
  • Every school will examine its discipline data to ensure that responses to student behavior do not show evidence of bias or discriminatory behavior. Statistical data alone will not establish bias or discrimination. Schools shall also use behavior data to identify and provide additional training to staff and students; and to provide effective interventions for students to improve student outcomes.
  • Individual needs shall be considered in determining the appropriate response to behavior that does not meet school standards.

Special Ed Funding Shortfalls

MinnPost We can’t sustain this’: special-ed shortfalls strain Minnesota districts as lawmakers struggle to find long-term solution

This is quite the mess, the Feds and Courts want to mandate expectations and compliance to these very high cost efforts to care for and teach these challenged and sometimes unfortunately unteachable kids.  And yet the money simply is not being provided.

Here are some lists.
MN DOE Spec Ed
Spec Ed Types 1
Spec Ed Types 2
Spec Ed Types 3

Friday, March 29, 2019

Does Teacher's Race Matter?

We got a new comment from a new person back at G2A What's wrong with you. And I think it is worth a new post. :-)
"How does one determine if an action is racist or simply demanding a high common standard of behavioral excellence from all students and parents?"
  • Am I mildly racist for expecting excellence from all parent(s) no matter their race?
  • Are you mildly racist for expecting less from the parent(s) who are racial minorities?
I am pretty sure the kids want parental excellence no matter who their parent(s) are.." G2A
"I imagine some students are disruptive with one teacher and well behaved with another. This issue is not so simple as you seem to think. And getting you to understand about cultural differences and cultural competence is clearly not going to happen. Getting a more diverse teaching staff would be one step in the right direction." Laurie
"I don’t really know if a disruptive kid would behave better for a teacher of a different race." Molly

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How Popular / Unpopular is Trump?

Now I understand that Trump True Believers like to believe that he is more popular than he is.  Which amazes me since he does almost nothing to make anyone except his base happy.  And on top of that he vilifies and name calls pretty much everyone who disagrees with him. 

However I find this historical comparison and explanation very informative.  Apparently he is coming in right behind Carter...  But a little more popular than Truman. :-)
538 Trump’s Approval Rating Is Incredibly Steady. Is That Weird Or The New Normal?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Trump Trying to Kill ACA... Again...

It is strange that Trump would be happy to give the DEMs such an excellent platform.  I mean ACA is now fairly popular and Trump is still working to kill it.  I mean just think of the benefits that most people should appreciate:
  • Kids can stay on Parent's insurance until 26
  • People with pre-existing conditions can get reasonable insurance
  • Premiums for older Americans limited to 3 times those of younger Americans
  • Other
The Hill Surprise ACA move puts GOP in Bind
NBC Trump says His plan will be better...  Trust me...
NPR If ACA is Repealed
Health Leaders Thump Trump DOJ Reversal
DN No Answers

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

GOP Congressman Quotes Hitler

WAPO GOP congressman quotes Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ to slam Trump’s adversaries as liars

It really is incredible some GOP idiots will say.  Maybe I'll have to claim to be independent to avoid the shadow...  Oh well...

Next they will insist that we salute the guy with funny hair. :-)

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Trump is as Innocent as Hillary

VOX Donald Trump isn’t being charged with obstruction — but Mueller didn’t exonerate him
Trump appointee William Barr made the decision not to charge the president.

NPR Mueller Report Doesn't Find Russian Collusion, But Can't 'Exonerate' On Obstruction

NPR Barr's Letter

Now Trump interprets this as "No Collusion, No Obstruction, Complete and Total EXONERATION, KEEP AMERICA GREAT!", which of course is incorrect.  When all that really happened was the justice department does not think they have a strong enough case to file criminal charges.

The good or bad side of this is that the Congress has different criteria for judging if improper actions have taken place, so I assume we will be hearing about this topic for a LONG TIME..

Kind of like the Conservatives who are certain that Hillary broke some law or did something wrong after the justice department decided to not press charges in her case either.  Based on Trump's warped view of reality... Apparently she also has been fully exonerated... :-)

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Liberal Conspiracy Theories

Waking Times The 5 Cartels that Rule America and the World
The above link was posted on FB by one of my more liberal cousins. I made light of it. "Oh my good golly.... That is almost as amusing as some of the Conservative conspiracy theories." G2A"
And he responded... "Is it really that far fetched to believe that these huge conglomerates have been and will continue to manipulate people, politics and laws in their battle to keep control of the powers they have gained? Have we not exposed enough cheaters to show that anything is possible when the stake are high? I'd rather be the watch dog than the sheep." "
And another added..."I think most folks would be surprised at how long this corruption has been going on. I don't even know where to begin, but I guess the Rothschild brothers would be a start: “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested from its profits or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class.” — Rothschild Brothers of London, 1863"
I promised a response, so here goes... We the consumers decide how we choose to live:
  • if we want to live in debt or on cash only basis
  • if we want to take advantage of all the medical advancements or not
  • if we choose to live where we can walk every where, or if we choose to be reliant on man made power sources
  • if we want to grow our own food or buy from others
  • if we choose to leave our foot print on the world wide web or not
Now as for the supposed "cartels"...  It is at times like this I am very thankful for capitalism. Please remember the definition of cartel.  "an association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition."

The advantage of global competition and capitalism is that anyone can rise to power and influence if they have a good idea and can deliver results at a lower cost.  I mean the vast majority of companies in power today were not even an idea 50 years ago.  So if "cartels" are working to keep their power they are very incompetent and ineffective.

As the Rothschild Bank example, apparently Politifact looked into it.

As for the medical cartel, no one is forcing anyone to take advantage of all the medicines, procedures, tests and technologies that have been developed over the past 50 years. We volunatrily ask and sometimes beg for those benefits, especially if we can pass the bill on to the tax payers.

As for energy, if there was no consumer demand...  Prices would plummet and the Amazon would be safe.  Unfortunately we like to live in the big old house and driving to town instead of living in a studio apartment downtown.  We use energy, therefore someone will fulfill our desire.

As for those terrible food and energy producers... That awful cartel has done miracles with regard to raising yields and keeping prices under control..  So the cost of wheat is up 2.5 times over 50 years where as the CPI is up 8 times. Just imagine how hungry and poor all of us would be without those crop technologies.

As for people harvesting my personnel data to better market products to me...  I really have no secrets that I an trying to hide.  So know yourselves out.

Well this exercise has reminded me that the Right does not have a monopoly on conspiracy theories, paranoia and exaggeration.  Thoughts?

More State Education Mandates?

“I know some behaviors can be dangerous,” Johnson said. “I’ve seen preschool kids out of control. I know it can happen. But I also know the beauty of redirecting children and helping them understand what’s appropriate and not appropriate. If you show a child school is not a place for you, then you get socialized to believe that’s not a place for you.” 
School principals, however, have expressed concerns about the state mandating how schools deal with discipline problems without providing additional funding to support those alternative methods. 
“You don’t just get suspended: something’s happening,” said Roger Aronson, legal and legislative counsel for the Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association. “I do think the needs of kids of poverty, homeless, that are coming from abuse, broken families — that stuff comes to school and their needs for dealing with that are really huge. 
We just don’t have the resources to do anything. I understand there’s frustration with that in those settings. How do we work on that?” 
While there are models schools can adopt, Aronson said, they cost money schools don’t currently have. “We need that commitment,” he said. “We have no counselors. We are understaffed on assistant principals.”

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Parents Of Color Demand More

Taryn at MinnPost: Parents of color want a clearer way to assess schools in Minnesota.

This seems pretty well aligned with the challenges RDale is facing. Certain segments of the population want the schools to bend to meet them where they are rather than working hard to conform to normal American business expectations. (ie dress, behave, speak, etc like typical American) 

Then to complain that the information is too hard to find.  Here is a hint...  Google "MDE School Report Card". Select "My School". (see below) Enter your school or district and hit search.  Then pick the subject you are interested in.  And if you do not read English, find a friend to help you.
"Torres Ray told MinnPost she thinks the state needs to make school data more accessible and understandable to parents. She thinks SF 299 is incomplete, but it would be valuable to develop a system that digs into schools’ ability to teach populations of students with challenging circumstances. “But we’ve been putting it in our heads that it’s so bad to expose the limitations and struggles of schools,” she said. “We prefer simply not to have a rating system.”

During the committee, she expressed disappointment with testimony from school leaders, as well as an assistant commissioner from the Minnesota Department of Education, who opposed this kind of rating system. They said it was rejected by a majority of stakeholders who attended public meetings about the new North Star system.

“Be creative and think about how you respond to these parents. I believe there was support … to figure out how to make our system accountable to predominantly children of color and indigenous children. The time has come and we must do that,” she said. “Saying no to this is just not helpful. Please see the room. See the room and get the message.”

DEM Healthcare Proposals

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Robbinsdale School Board Video

After postponing my year's tax preparation until the last minute as usual...  I decided to skip the Board Listening session and meeting last night...  So instead I decided to check in online and see how they went.  It was really anti-climactic. In summary:
  • The Board met in open session from 4:00 to 17:29
  • Supt Jenkins promoted the Equity mission again.
  • The Board then went to closed session from 1.15:30 to 1.19:30
  • The Board agreed to hire an investigator to investigate someone who they have over sight over.
  • Sherry Tyrrell reported Listening Time room was full:  12 of the 14 people who signed up at the Listening session got a chance to speak. Most talked about the AHS Principal debacle. Some supported Dave and some had school concerns. Then she said comments would be written up
  • The Board adjourned.
My thoughts:
Our district has not been this exciting since school closure discussions of ~2010... :-)

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Back to the Education Funding Formula

MN School Finance A Guide for Legislators

This is somewhat of a vicious cycle...

  • Districts / schools lower their behavior and academic standards.
  • This ensures the unlucky kids feel welcome and don't fail.
  • The academically focused more well to do families move to a different district / school.
  • The property values and tax revenues fall.
  • The Districts /Schools are short revenue with a more challenging student body.
  • They go to the State begging for more funding.
Now I do agree that the "special education" costs should be fully funded by the Feds / State since they are the ones mandating some of that high cost / low benefit care.

As for the "we need more money" because we contributed to scaring away our best and brightest families. I am unsure if that makes sense??? 

From an earlier post...
"In my district (where I live) they decided this year to get rid of honors classes at the middle school and mix students together for all classes (not sure about math)
When my kids went there they had almost all honors classes, but I think the staff found teaching the non-honors classes quite difficult. Anyway, my neighbor whose youngest child is in 6th grade, open enrolled him to another district and now drives him and 2 other students to a middle school about 10 miles away. The other district is less diverse and much less low income than the district in which I live. Not sure if they have honors type classes or just classes with less misbehavior due to their demographics." Laurie 
"Yes, that is what I fear will happen at RDale now that they are eliminating seperation between focused students with good grades and the others. The hallways of the schools held there own challenges, but we knew the classrooms were more stable. Now folks like me will be even more concerned about keeping our kids in the district. And if they leave and take with them their child’s funding, their financial and time donations, and the stabilizing influence their focused kids provide... The whole school, district and community will suffer.
The same thing that happened to most challenged schools. Those who can run do so, and leave the trouble makers behind.  Which I guess is what a good parent who wants the best for their child would do." G2A / John

Friday, March 15, 2019

Support Dave Dahl

Well in an interesting twist they unplugged the FB Support Dave Dahl page.  Maybe a some open dialogue is deemed a concern by those in power???

"Hello Everyone. I want to thank everyone in this group for their passion, and their commitment to AHS and District 281. I also want to thank everyone who has come here to show support for Principal Dahl. I created this page almost two weeks ago at the request of community members and students, in response to the reassignment of principal Dahl to a Principal on Special Assignment position. The community members and students that I was in touch with were looking for a way to communicate with one another effectively, amplify student voice, and share information and meeting dates etc.
I immediately removed myself as the group’s administrator, because as a district employee I did not think it was appropriate for me to have any real or perceived influence on the content that might get posted in an open forum. (I asked to be re-added as an admin to post this and delete the group.) I am grateful for the students and parents who volunteered to admin the group, and for all of the work that they have done here.

The admins and I have agreed that while many other worthwhile topics have been broached in this forum, at this point the group has fulfilled its original purpose. We encourage anyone who has continued thoughts to share to write to the district administration at:
Please also consider attending the school board’s listening session on Monday, March 18th, as well as get involved in the student group “Activists For Change” at AHS led by Kaia Hirt. Thank you again for your passionate discussion, your ardent support of 281, and your support of Principal Dahl."

Thursday, March 14, 2019

RDale State of the Schools

I attended and was not impressed.  It really should have been called the  "RDale: Let's Clap Ourselves on the Back While We Dream"  Now I do agree that there were many people in attendance who deserved the applause and congratulations, especially the kids.

 A lot of the Supt's talk was based on the new Equity Mission Statement and the Unified District Vision.  Which apparently means we are going to keep kid's in the classroom no matter how challenging or dysfunctional they are.  This sounds like a very idealistic and great concept, except for one point...

Parent(s) who can move will move rather than leave their kids in a disruptive school or classroom.  They are not going to say... "We will leave little Janie in the chaotic classroom / school while little Bobbie is straightened out." 

They are going to focus on the needs of their child and move them to a school / classroom where all the kid's listen and learn.  That is the blessing and curse of school choice, Parent's can choose what is best for their child and take the tax payer's money with them...

It was humorous and sad as the Supt. preached about how it was our duty to ensure all kid's learned.

  • I mean I agree with him on a community level...
  • However from a Parent's perspective it so naive...
  • The Parent(s) job to ensure their child learns...
One last thought, it is odd the Supt's seem to be like Business Managers in that they move around a lot. Which to the cynic in me means that they move before they actually prove themselves or learn from their screw ups.  Being at CAT for 16 years gave me many opportunities to learn from my mistakes. (too many... :-)) I am not sure what I would learn from spending less than 3 years in each place?

What is Wrong with You!!!

Unfortunately my online views and real life have collided again, so I have removed almost all my comments from the FB Dave Dahl page.
  • Now I like Dave and hope he can stay on another year.
  • And I dislike the soft bigotry the district seems to be pursuing.
  • By lowering expectations and punishments for certain demographics
  • But I do think that Bosses should be able to pick their employees.
  • And I will have no kids in the district after June.
  • So the current parent(s) will need to seize the reins. 
Conveniently a conservative FB acquaintance posted the below image today...  I thought it was very accurate...  Though maybe I would change the caption some:
  • Judging people by their race, sex, wealth, religion and sexual preference is wrong !!!
  • Why can't you White, Male, Wealthy, Christian, Straight BASTARDS figure that out???
I posed some questions on the previous post that deserves some page 1 coverage:
  • Now folks on the Left expect and promote providing additional support and services to kids from certain demographic groups. 
  • Why are they surprised that the kids from those certain demographic groups would get in trouble at a higher rate?
  • Not only are they surprised, they blame the punishers and accuse them of being racist.
  • So are they racist when they want to give a greater percentage of the additional services and support to certain demographic groups?
  • Should they be screaming at the social services personnel for being racist?
Please remember that I really do not care about race. I happily work with people from all over the world.  However I do understand that one's home life does spill over into the school and classroom.  This is not a race issue, this is a poverty, parenting and social issue.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

RDale State of the District

All families, staff and community members are invited to attend Robbinsdale Area Schools Annual State of the District Address.Thursday, March 14, 2019 6:30pm - 8:30pm Armstrong High School Auditorium 10635 36th Ave N, Plymouth, MN 55441
Well given the current politics going on in the district... This could be interesting... By the way, I am not getting answers to my questions...
My fear for my community is that they are falling into the trap of lowering the expectations for some students. (ie bigotry of low expectations) Which unfortunately leads to a very dark place as the students and parents who can afford to leave the district do so.  Instead of lowering behavioral and academic expectations for some kids, how do we help them to achieve the rigorous level. I have faith that they can rise to the expectation.

Cooper vs Armstrong HS Demographics
RDale General Info

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Trump Breaks Entitlement Promise?

Now I am okay with doing whatever it takes to bring the "benefits" into alignment with the "premiums".  This could either be:
  • Reducing benefits
  • Increasing the payroll tax Rate
The  current situation is not sustainable..

However it is interesting that Trump went after them after all his promises to not touch them.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Robbinsdale and Racial Equity?

The Support Dave Dahl FB site took an interesting twist when some people wanted to post critical comments regard racial inequality and where the Armstrong school was headed. The moderator wisely took them down since they had pretty much nothing to do with the purpose of the page and had more to do with political view points. However the removal triggered some discussion.

One commenter explained that the voices of " people who have experienced racist encounters " were being silenced. To which I responded...
How does one determine if an action is racist or simply demanding a high common standard of behavioral excellence from all students and parents?

An interesting perspective from the other side of the topic is that for years I have heard about minority students getting away with things that Caucasian students could not. Dress codes, disruptive behaviors, etc... The rationale for this that was explained to me was that often the kids did not have adequate support at home, therefore it was better to let it slide.

I would prefer to have community schools with high standards than one that practices the bigotry of low expectations. It is an interesting topic." Give2Attain (aka John)
Now if anyone wants to discuss RDale issues beyond the scope of the FB page. Please feel free to leave them here.  Just remember to stay polite, professional and factual.
G2A Rules
  • G2A will only discuss things that are general public knowledge. (ie no privileged info)
  • G2A will only link to public / posted documents. (ie school and other websites)
  • G2A will not post based on singular specific personal conversations or information without permission from the information provider.
  • G2A will only post after observing common themes, issues, discussions, etc. (ie it is out there and people are talking about it)
  • G2A will moderate any comments that apply derogatory labels. Be it to G2A, another commenter, group of people, etc.
  • G2A will moderate any comment that includes offensive language. (ie swearing)

The Invasion Accelerates

Need to Have Money to Lose Money?

NPR How Federal Disaster Money Favors The Rich

I heard this during my long drive to Oklahoma and back. A friend I were moving my eldest and her fiancee back to the Twin Cities. They must have missed seeing me often. 😀😀😀 By the way, it was about 68 degrees down there...

Back to the post, I guess it makes sense that people with money would get more of the disaster funds. I mean if you are renting an apartment, what funds should you get versus the person who owns the building.  Thoughts?

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Two Very Different Headlines

VOX House Democrats just passed a slate of significant reforms to get money out of politicsDemocrats passed their sweeping anti-corruption bill known as HR 1. It’s already doomed in the Senate.

FOX News: House Dems pass 'power grab' voting rights bill; McConnell says proposal has no chance in Senate

It is too bad politicians keep passing things that they know are doomed.  The GOP passed that redundant anti-infantcide bill and now the DEMs pass this... I mean all this work to pander to their base and make election talking points instead of actually getting legislation passed.

Why do we pay these folks again? :-)

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Dave Dahl for RDale Superintendent !!!!

Now I would not wish that on Dave, but I thought it was catchy headline. :-)

And an interesting comment from there.

"Since posting my comment 12 hours ago, I've been overwhelmed and shocked by the calls, texts, and e-mails I've received from parents, teachers, staff, and students about the Dahl decision. It's clear that the District has far greater problems than just the decision about Mr. Dahl.

For example, I am shocked that less than four months after a successful referendum that will give an additional $6 million to the District over the next 10 years, the Superintendent is reporting that the District currently ha a $6 million shortfall.I'm alarmed that under Superintendent Jenkins's management, the District has had four Finance Directors and currently has an Interim Finance Director. Such lack of continuity is alarming.

It's disturbing to learn that Dr. Jenkins has brought in several administrators with checkered backgrounds from out of state who have worked with him when he was in Beloit, Atlanta, and Michigan. And when I read that Dr. Jenkins is planning a national search to replace Mr. Dahl, I not only questions whether he is functioning under the same fiscal-austerity rules as teachers and school staff have had to work under for years. I find it difficult to believe that here are no qualified candidates in Minnesota.

And I'm no expert about running school districts, so it gives me pause to write this, but I find it curious that the District has a Doctor of Education who was hired from out of state to be the Director of Operations and Safety, whose responsibilities (Custodial Services, Facilities, and Transportation) have no direct connection to the provision or administration of education.

These and other issues raise serious questions about how the District is being managed and what's in store for its future. I would hope the Board is not only aware of these problems and concerns but are actively working on them." Kelly

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Keep Dave Petition

Sun Sailor Petition Coverage

Parents and students are already speaking out against Jenkins’ decision through a petition, “Keep Dahl in Position,” which is seeking 2,500 signatures.  This is Dahl’s 17th year as principal.

Monday, March 4, 2019

RDale News

For some reason beyond my understanding our relatively new Superintendent (Carlton Jenkins) is working towards removing the Armstrong High School Principal (Dave Dahl) one year before his retirement.  Now normally this may be fine, but the problem here is that the Dave has had the position for ~17 years.  On top of that, Dave:

  • is greatly appreciated by the Parents, Students and Staff of the school
  • attends almost every school event, often with his wife
  • runs one of the best High Schools in the cities.
"Armstrong High School has once again made the Washington Post Most Challenging High School list for 2018! See the rankings here! Armstrong is ranked the 6th best high school in Minnesota! - Armstrong ACT Score Data"
Here is the form letter we received:

"Dear Armstrong High School Families;
I hope this message finds you well.  After several conversations with Mr. David Dahl as well as careful reflection about our Unified District Vision and Armstrong High School, I have made the decision to have Mr. Dahl serve as Principal on Special Assignment for the 2019-2020 academic year.
The following timeline has been established to conduct a national search for filling the Armstrong High School Principal position:
  • we met at 6:45 a.m. with the Armstrong staff on March 4, 2019 to inform them of the decision and next steps for filling the position;
  • we will meet with all key stakeholders (students, parents and staff) to develop a profile for the position;
  • the position will be posted by April 12, 2019;
  • we will work with the Armstrong Parent Association (APA) to identify parent representation for the interview committee;
  • we will work with building staff and the Robbinsdale Federation of Teachers (RFT) to identify staff representation for the interview committee;
  • interviews will take place during the month of May;
  • we will work with the Armstrong staff on transitional activities until the new principal’s official date of hire, July 1, 2019.
We thank you for your patience and support during this transition. More information will be communicated as this process moves forward.

Sincerely,  Carlton D. Jenkins, Ph.D. Superintendent
Robbinsdale Area Schools

I am not even sure what it means when a person chooses a Unified District Vision over a highly qualified, experienced and appreciated Principal.  My guess is that it means Carlton has a lot of ideas that may not be very popular at Armstrong and may put our excellent standing at risk.

To me it seems they are peddling the bigotry of low expectations again.  Thoughts?

Ilhan Omar Controversy

CNN Ilhan Omar Controversy

This has got to be one of the strangest "controversies" in our free speech societies. I mean Conservatives bash Muslims and Palestinians on a regular basis.  And yet they attack Ilhan Omar for stating the obvious...

The USA is way too supportive of Israel because of some highly influential American citizens and the country's supposed stabilizing influence.

NYT The Messy Break Up
Haaretz Disillusioned by Israel
FAS Support History
Plight of Palestine
History of Illegal Settlements

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Represent Us

A FB friend linked to a video of the lovely Jennifer Lawrence talking about politics... Represent Us So I took the time to watch it.  Represent Us propose corruption and financial influence by the wealthy and business as The Problem.  This is based on a Princeton Paper.

It seemed enticing however my BS alarm went off so I did a little looking. Especially when Jennifer stated the policies that she felt were being held back by our wealthy tyrants. Thankfully VOX Offered 3 Rebuttals and saved me some time.

The idea that American Policies are not being passed because of rich people and lobbyists is somewhat laughable if you think about it.  I mean almost half of our population wants more government intervention in our personal lives, higher taxes and more hand outs (ie wealth redistribution).  And half wants the exact opposite.


G2A What would make American's Happy
G2A Political Tribes Continue