Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Bush Tax Cuts Lapse

Here is an interesting opinion piece.  CNN Why are tax hikes politically radioactive?

I think Bush's experiment has proved a failure and that the "Bush Tax Cuts" should go away.  At least until we get our National Debt under control.  And yes, budget cuts should continue also.

And if we want the Tax Cuts back sooner, let's start cutting the budget more aggressively.  Just stop the silliness of pocketing the cuts and spending the money...  That is just being selfish and passing the bill to our kids.  Let's show some personal responsibility !!!

Let's pass a national balanced budget amendment !!!  (Wiki BBA)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why Vote for Romney?

Laurie asked some good questions.
How is Romney's economic plan different from that of GWB and why should one think it will be more effective this time?
Mitt: My Plan Differs From Bush’s Because ... Uh
Were the Bush Tax Cuts Good for Growth?
And this explanation did not bode well for the Obama is worse than Bush argument. Fact Check Explanation

How are we going to get the revenue line above the spend line without a combination of cuts and tax increases?  Reagan and the Bush's both failed at this.  Clinton was the only one that was succeeding. Zfacts Graph


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Negativity and Poll Results

This was an interesting article.  It says Obama is in the lead...  Thoughts?

MSNBC Negative Campaign Takes Toll

This one puts tem in a dead eat.
Gallup Poll Results 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Buying Votes

Some of my Conservative friends were frustrated that a DFL Senator in their state wrote often in his newsletter of the benefits (ie pork) that he had helped to obtain for the State's citizens. They felt that this should be a time for tightening the belts and controlling spending, even if it meant passing on Federal funds for their state. I simply said that this is what people want from the Senator, therefore he is buying votes.

The irony hit me later that the GOP candidates are working to buy votes in a very similar manner. They simply do it by promising to cuts taxes.

So is there a difference between a politician that buys votes spending money on citizens vs not collecting money from citizens. All the while ignoring the growing debt? Is it important? Why?

Remember: I am looking for an honest politician that wants to raise revenues (ie taxes) and decrease benefits (ie spending) until the National Debt is significantly lower.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A Case for Torture & Execution

CNN Gunman Kills 12
FOX News Dad Kills Daughters

Now I am usually a fan of law, order and due process. And at times I may even seem a bit Liberal.  However let's be clear that in the 2 cases above, I would support these 2 animals being immediately removed from society and put to a slow painful death.  No press conferences, no public trials, no book deals, etc.

And yes I understand that they were "not of right mind".  However I am not sure that should matter when they have violated our social norms so openly, violently and extremely.

Another ironic point is that our society's worst criminals seem to know the right of this, though us proper people seem to balk at it.  Neither will live long in prison without extra security in place.  Even those hardened criminals understand that if you kill children, you have gone too far.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

RAS Partnerships and Giving

Laurie asked the other day about my paying extra taxes or not accepting funding. (ie live by my "lower the debt" value)  I answered that I don't intentionally pay extra or turn down benefits, however I also don't go looking for loop holes or go looking for programs.  If this costs me a few or more hundred dollars a year, I am ok with it.

Another thing we have taken up doing is giving to charities that are partnering with Public agencies.  So I enjoyed reading that one of my local favorites (PRISM) and some others have been working with RAS to support the needs of local students.  RAS Weekend Snack Pack Initiative 

Since this started at ZLE, I had heard rumors about some of the specific examples and had a vague understanding that it was happening.  However it was good to see that it caught on and is growing.  If you think social services and the charities have these kid's backs, you are sorely mistaken.  Please do anything you can to support these kids and the program.  In the idealistic world, public schools should just have to teach.  In the real world, they do so much more!!!

Another good option for helping our local Students and Teachers is the Seven Dreams Education Foundation.  I have always found it frustrating that most Parents seem to limit their giving to fund raisers that "will help their child".  Is it truly giving if you are getting direct benefit?  So our family started giving to 7 Dreams so that other schools and students could benefit from my families good fortune.

Any other good examples you would like to share?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Stupidity and Welfare Fraud?

In the past couple of posts we have discussed welfare, charity and related topics.  The issue of FRAUD has come up several times, so I think we should put some definition to what we mean by Welfare Fraud.

I understand that the unfortunate that receive or "need" welfare or charity are in that situation for many possible reasons:
  • Bad with genetics (ie intelligence, mental health, ambition, easily addicted, etc)
  • Bad luck with environment (ie Parents, schools, support system, inheritence, etc)
  • Loss of hope and related motivation
  • Bad decisions with lasting negative consequences (ie drugs, unplanned kids, debt, etc)
  • Poor values (ie rather play system than get real job)
So when do you think someone is committing FRAUD vs just trying to survive the circumstances they have found themselves in?  Is there a difference?  Does it matter?

I know people that are trying to help relatives or friends escape these circumstances.  Thankfully it isn't me since the task is increadibly challenging.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just Say NO to Programs?

This was supposed to be called, "Let Those Not on the Government Dole Throw the First Stone" however you can see that it may have been a bit too long.  I have been thinking about this for years, however Laurie's comment gave me an excellent lead in.  She posted: "Perhaps you would consider me a free loader as we have accepted financial aid for part of my older son's college expenses rather than work second jobs or borrow more money."

It is always funny when folks want to raise taxes on "others", or cut the programs for "others".  Yet we all pay and we all benefit.  Now who is willing to pay more than their tax bill or pass on that "free money" that is available or they feel they are owed.

How many Conservatives would like to:

  • Turn down available Education financial aid
  • Pay more for pre-K and school lunches (biggest part of Ag Budget)
  • Pass on their social security benefits
  • Let go on their medicare benefits
  • Not get a mortgage (ie no gov't insurance)
  • Avoid those pesky natural disaster payouts
  • Let someone else take those tax credits
  • Let their favorite sports team leave town (ie no stadium)
  • If public employee, accept lower compensation
  • Have questionable parks, bike paths, etc (ie everything for profit)
  • Let other countries be themselves (ie less foreign military)
  • Stay away from programs that could assist your business, your community, your family or yourself.
You get the idea...  Now who can honestly say they will "Just Say NO" to money that is legally theirs? 

Also, what other Free Loading do the Conservatives do?  Specific programs?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Welfare is Not Charity?

A Conservative Christian and myself got into another lively debate.  This time regarding the Christian view of Charity vs Welfare. They pointed me towards 2 Thes 3:10-12. This phrase in particular, "If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat."  I always question Bible quotations, so I went to the ELCA Interpretation.  I thought their statement was fairly interesting,
"The point here is not to commend starvation for the unemployed or to put a scriptural kibosh on government-sponsored welfare programs. In fact, these words may have been intended as a condemnation of the idle rich: well-to-do persons who have no need to work for a living will not be welcome at the church's community meals unless they start devoting themselves to some sort of worthwhile labor. Work is good, the Bible maintains, and even people who don't need to work for a paycheck ought to take jobs that will allow them to contribute to society and prevent them from turning into "mere busybodies" (2 Thes 3:11)."
The second point was Matthew 26:11, "You will always have the poor among you, but I will not be here with you much longer."  I am not sure what the point of this verse was, however here is what I think is a different interpretation.

I of course see things a little differently.  If everyone tithed to a collection of charities, not only churches, we may not need all this Government support.  Unfortunately the folks that tithe are very much so in the minority and they seem to give mostly to their own, therefore the money has to come from somewhere. (G2A God Works in Mysterious Ways)  Thoughts or other relevant sources?

Open Bible Verses about Welfare
Steady Conservative The Bible and Welfare

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Debilitating 5 C's

G2A Life is Hard !!!  So Work and Be Rewarded !!!

I am going to keep this short since I have taken the week off and am spending it at the lake with my Family, Parents, Sisters, their husbands, my nieces and nephew. (yes 8 girls & 1 boy, ages 1 yr to 17 yrs)

The above is one of my favorite posts, and the 5 C's are one of my favorite concepts. They consist of criticizing, complaining, comparing, competing and contending, and I believe they are very debilitating and addictive.

It seems that many start down the road of the 5 C's and find themselves in a pit that they can not escape.  They start to see others as stereotypes instead of people, and off they go. (ie dehumanizing)  And this applies to all people, not just the Liberals or Conservatives.