Sunday, October 9, 2016

Debate Number 2

Well, I think this one more of a draw.  What do you think?

CNN Scorched Earth
FoxNews Slug Fest


Sean said...

Donald Trump demonstrated again why he is not fit to be President. His answers regarding the Access Hollywoood tape were insufficient. His attempt to pivot that into a discussion of Bill Clinton's behavior was insulting. His inability to discuss policy in any level of detail coherently is distressing -- from health care to ISIS to Syria to taxes, it was just one word salad after another. He blamed law-abiding Muslims for the Islamophobia they are having to deal with (including repeating the scurrilous lie about "many folks seeing the San Bernandino bombs" and failing to do anything about it). And, perhaps, worst of all, he threatened to use the power of the Presidency and the Justice Department to jail a political rival. That's banana republic stuff right there, and ought to scare anyone who truly cares about "law and order".

Sean said...

And oh yeah, I forgot:

* Calling Clinton "the devil"
* His failure to comprehend that one Senator in the minority party has little power to push policy
* He lied about Hillary Clinton laughing at a 12-year old rape victim
* His continued lies about his birtherism
* His lies about the U.S. being one of the most-taxed nations in the world
* His lies that he never told people to check out an alleged Miss Universe sex tape
* His dubious claims that Russia isn't behind the hacking of the DNC and others
* His lies baout how many Syrain refugees Clinton wants to allow in the country
* His pacing, sniffing, and lurking while Clinton was speaking