Tuesday, October 11, 2016

How Will the GOP Improve?

From Laurie
"We could be reading about the trouble in the GOP for many weeks or even years.

Paul Ryan won’t defend or campaign for Trump ahead of election "
Personally I think it will depend on the hardcore "Pro-Trump" and/or "Tea Party" voters.  They seem to have a belief that the party will win if it goes further Right and more Religious.  Which defies the laws of a Normal Distribution curve.  But they will swear that Romney lost because he was too centrist so the base did not get out to support him.

However maybe we actually have a Bi-Modal Distribution curve in the USA.  Those on the Left who want to pull the country into Democratic Socialism and those on the Right who want to pull us back toward our Capitalistic roots.

I mean Trump has a whole lot of people who support his platform and policies.  Unfortunately his character and baggage has turned off a lot of voters between the modes.

What do you think will happen with regard to the GOP party?


Anonymous said...

I think the GOP is an irreversible process of decay. I don't think it is capable of improvement. And since a functioning Republican Party is necessary for our country to thrive, I think the GOP in it's decline is taking our country down with it.


Sean said...

The margin of victory will determine what happens to the GOP. If yesterday's NBC/WSJ poll is right and Clinton is opening up a double-digit lead nationally, the reckoning will come more quickly. A double-digit Clinton win nationally almost certainly means that she sweeps the battlegrounds AND flips some fringe states like Arizona or Georgia, that the GOP will lose the Senate, and find its House majority seriously narrowed (or in the case of a 14 or 15 point Clinton win potentially gone altogether).

If Clinton's lead stays in the five-point range, the reckoning will come more slowly, because you'll have people who believe you just need a less-flawed messenger of the Trump message.

John said...

Ironically I think the GOP candidate with a similar platform to Trumps would be trouncing Hillary today if they did have a less flawed messenger. If someone like Paul Ryan was the GOP candidate I think Hillary would have lost.

1. The question I have is how many people are voting for Trump because they still think he is smart, wonderful successful, moral, etc? (ie real foolish people)

2. Versus how many will vote for Trump because they see Hillary as a conniving sinning Socialist who is out to ruin our country, and even Trump is better than that? (ie die hard Conservatives)

Now I can understand the 2nd group, but the 1st group befuddles me.

I mean what would Trump need to do to shake their faith in him and make them see him for the "Snake Oil" salesman that he is...

Sean said...

Does Paul Ryan really have a similar platform to Donald Trump, though? Ryan doesn't back the most divisive parts of the Trump agenda like the border wall or the Muslim ban. He also doesn't support Trump's paid leave proposal or Trump's insistence on holding Social Security and Medicare free from cuts.

John said...

To me the border wall and Muslim bans are as much of a Liberal creation as one of Trump's. Neither was likely to happen.

And yes Trump is more Liberal than many Conservatives. Or did he just say that to attract Moderates... Who would know?

Sean said...

"To me the border wall and Muslim bans are as much of a Liberal creation as one of Trump's."

Well, that says a lot about your grasp of reality. Point #1 of Trump's immigration page is "Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the wall."

And Trump did say this.

John said...

I stand corrected, he did seem to still want to build a physical wall...

As for Muslims... "December 8, 2015" I think some things had changed since then.

Sean said...

"As for Muslims... "December 8, 2015" I think some things had changed since then."

When for months, a Muslim ban is the policy you don't get to come back and claim that it's a "liberal creation". It wasn't. That was the policy. And, in fact, it's essentially still the policy until Trump can define what "extreme vetting" is (because he hasn't said how his "extreme vetting" is different than today) and implement it.

John said...

CNN Seems to Understand

Sean said...

A yet-to-be-determined questionnaire? Feel the Extreme!

John said...

Oh come now... Wouldn't you like to keep out the religious conservatives if you could?

- Do you support honor killing your wife or daughter if they embarrass you?

- If your son announces that he is gay. Do you:
A. Accept him with loving open arms
B. Behead him

- When you see hot women in string bikinis, do you:
A. Check them out when your wife is not looking?
B. Go and rant at them that they are the spawn of Satan?

- When you hear that a girl had her 3rd abortion, do you:
A. Praise her for making good use of her freedom
B. Throw blood on her

Other ideas?

Laurie said...

I am too tired tonight to make much of comment. While I know it is not likely I would love for the Trump / GOP implosion to be large enough to put the dems back in control in Washington. I don't think we would get the socialistic nightmare that John worries about. I would love to see them pass immigration reform and make their other priority
good jobs in infrastructure and clean energy. I also like them to address college affordability, including assistance in paying down loans which is the help my kids need.