Friday, October 28, 2016

Trump Revitalizes Feminist Movement

It is interesting how Trump reminded a bunch of women how stupid some men can be...
MP Women Most Important Voting Block in MN
CNN Trump and Feminism

Of course, I guess I would add that Hillary has reminded many people just how conniving some women and self serving career politicians can be...

Now the question is what are these folks going to do with all that new found passion?


Laurie said...

How come a women running to be president is described as conniving while men who seek the highest office are never described this way?

John said...

Maybe because men often are brash and out spoken like Trump.

Conniving: Planning secretly, esp. in doing something wrong: (ie a conniving woman)

And based on all those leaked emails about Bill, Hillary, speeches, fees, appearance of conflict of interest, the HUGE money involved, etc... And Hillary's offline server and closed mouth history... I think the shoe fits.

Would you rather prefer I label her stupid like I did men?