Saturday, June 24, 2017

Family Bonding and Belief Development

Now for something totally different. If you have any desire to understand how I developed into the man that I am... (for better or worse)  This is a typical example of how my Father and I bond...

Some Fathers like to golf, go to sports games, fish, camp, hunt, etc. Well mine likes to do productive projects that create, repair or maintain something.  Or what most people call work...

So I have Fridays off during the Summer and spent the day bonding with Dad. For you city folk this activity is called "fixing the plugged field tile".  Tile are the plastic, concrete or in the old days clay perforated or non-perforated tubes that farmers put in the field to drain away excess water. Kind of like that bottom tray on your flower pot.

The activity involves finding where something is stopping the water flow (ie roots, crushed tile, debris, etc), digging down to the tile, cutting out that section, clean out the obstruction and reinstalling a new tube.  Needless to say it is a physical and muddy activity. And as you can see Dad believes in using the newest and fanciest equipment... (Not...)  Apparently the Farmall 350 Utility Tractor is older than I am.

Thus my focus on learning, working, living below one's means, saving and investing.  If I had been raised elsewhere by different Parents maybe I could have been a true Liberal.  Now isn't that scary... :-)

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