Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trump's Incompetent Administration

It is amazing how incompetent Trump and his staff are so far...  I expect more from a business manager...  Thoughts?

CNN Trump Crippling His Agenda
CNN Trump Felt Pressured to Keep Sessions
VOX WH Hanging Sessions out to Dry
Fox News Sessions Offered to Resign
Fox News Trump Ready for Comey


Laurie said...

I have been telling you for about a year how incompetent he is. Look at his 4 bankruptcies.

John said...

Can't argue with that... :-)

John said...

I wonder if he can work his approval rating into the 20s? I mean he is getting close at 34%...

John said...

I mean even his core supporters have to be frustrated that he can not get any significant laws passed.

I mean they voted for him because he was supposed to be suck a great negotiator.

Of course they are currently blaming Ryan and McConnel...

Anonymous said...

Something that was done a lot during the Obama years was playing the expectations game. This often was just a matter of setting hopelessly high expectations for Obama followed by criticisms for failure to meet them. In literal terms at least, I have seen Obama attacked for not being a Messiah.

What are our expectations for Trump? This posting points out that Trump is a businessman and that he has had problem the business of government.

Let's play the expectations game about Trump, but less do it in a less partisan way. Let's not set up straw man expectations which are unreachable. No messiahs need to apply here. What do we expect from a businessman president? What should be his goals both substantively in terms of his goals, and in terms of process, the way he manages his job? How is Trump doing?