Saturday, May 5, 2018

Losing Faith in Social Security

This was an interesting piece regarding how retirees see the future of social security.  CNN Money: Retirees Losing Faith In SS  And it explains the problems that face the social security program.

And here are some interesting associated pieces.
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Anonymous said...

As I understand it, when to take Social Security has a lot of wash considerations. You can take it later, but then you are foregoing months and years of payments. Will the slight increase in payments cover the lost payments? I see a lot of obituaries of people who paid into Social Security all of their working lives who die at age 64.


John said...

CNN Money sure is covering retirement issues a lot. I assume folks are interested.

Expenses in Retirement
What Happens When Your Pension Fund Runs Out of Money

Anonymous said...

HIram, it's pretty easy to calculate when the earlier start crosses the line of the higher payments. You may find that point exceeds your life expectancy and if it does, you CERTAINLY need to get started enjoying your retirement NOW.