Monday, October 13, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : Fuzzy Crystal Balls

The question of why Robbinsdale Areas Schools needs the increased levy when there are still several years remaining on the 2001 levy is often raised. This is followed by an accusation that the district personnel must be poor planners.

The reality is that between the slow growth rate of state funding and the large cost increases we experienced over the last 5 years. (ie fuel, electricity, food, etc.) (see links) The district did not have a chance of reading the crystal ball accurately. Just as many financial experts recently failed to over a much shorter time frame.

Finally, the district will always be forced to err on the low side. As the community showed in 2007, if the district asks for the full amount it faces an uphill fight. Therefore, the RAS district reduced the amount and is trying again. Which will likely begin the cycle if state funding languishes and costs increase.

Please Vote YES for both Options 1 & 2. This is what is needed to slow the cycle.

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rdalekids said...

You may what to check the amount of increase given to the RAS's employees. RAS provided their employees with a 11% increase over the last four years (FY 2005-06 to 2008-09). This is approximately the same increase they received from the State of MN in revenue. A GOOD fiscally responsible entity would know that it has other cost that will be increasing and not pay-off all its revenue increase to its employees and still stay in business.