Friday, October 24, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : Stan Mack Retires and Vultures Circle

Well its official, 281 Care is the more respectable of the vote no "non-blogs". (ie both of them make vague unsubstantiated accusations and then prevent readers from commenting)

Though I believe Stan was considering a change after 9 years of service in our challenging district. I also believe he truly cared enough about our kids and neighborhoods to "fall on his sword" in order to give the referendum a better chance of passing. So our Superintendent acts with honor, and both these sites continue the "slam our schools" rhetoric. And still offer no specific improvement ideas. Worse yet, 281 Exposed replies with insults, sarcasm and negativity. (see below)

This leaves me wondering, why do we citizens continue to reward people who make attack ads !!! We say we want positive issues based discussion and yet we reward the tabloid guys again and again !!! Thoughts?

281 CARE
Read the MN Sun Post’s article announcing Superintendent Mack’s retirement from District 281.
We commend Superintendent Mack for finally making the decision to leave District 281 (for the good of the community, he should have communicated his retirement earlier than two weeks before the election). We hope that the school board takes this opportunity to accelerate a move toward improving the leadership within ISD #281. However, this is only one part of the changes that will need to be made in the leadership within the District.
The community will be watching VERY CLOSELY what the school board does over the next few months.

281 Exposed
It hasn’t been a joy for us, Supt. Mack. I suspect this announcement is a last-ditch effort to help pass the referendum. We’ll see if it makes a difference, as many on the school board are are also blame for the mess we’re in (Patsy Green is at the top of the list). The search for a competent replacement is on. Our schools deserve better leadership.

Thank you Stan Mack for your efforts over the years !!!
VOTE YES on Option 1 & 2


Anonymous said...

And so continues the exodus of our stretched-thin administration to greener pastures. God bless them. If the levy fails, it's going to be difficult to recruit a superintendent to a school district with no money and an large segment of the community that does not support the schools. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Maybe Gayle Walkowiak would like a promotion... or is she too smart for that? :)

R-Five said...

Truth is, there was no right time for Mack to retire such that somebody wouldn't complain.

The important thing for me was that he decouple his contract renewal from the Referendum, which he could have done in several ways, not just retirement.

But retire he did, problem solved. I'll save the rest for his retirement party.