Sunday, October 19, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : School's Role in Community

When and why did the schools take on the role of parent in many cases?

If the public wants to hold them responsible for this role, why are citizens so hesitant to fund them?

A brief story: I know a fairly conservative family with 2 children that continue to struggle in school. For many years we have listened as the parents blame the school district and teachers for this problem. However, when my wife asks about ensuring homework is completed, obtaining tutoring, parent/teacher collaboration, having me tutor them and other activities the parents mumble something and change the subject quickly.

Unfortunately, I don't think this story is atypical and in many situations I am sure it is worse, since these folks seem to maintain a pretty stable dual low income home My wild guess is that this situation or worse exists for 15+% of the students. (1900+ students) So given my assumption and the premise of "No Child Left Behind", the school district has been given responsibility for not only teaching information and concepts. But developing the students sense of being responsible and functional enough to learn the information and concepts. Along with this comes counseling kids through academics, behavior issues, basic respect, dependency, pregnancy, abuse and a host of other challenges.

Now I am not sure what happened to holding parents accountable for being parents! However if we expect to hold the school's accountable for being teachers and parents, then we need to Vote YES to options 1 & 2 to ensure they have the funding to succeed.

So the next time a vote no person explains the large sum of dollars that are in each classroom, please politely ask them to hold all parent's accountable for sending kids to school that are ready and able to learn. Then the money can be moved from social service work to education. Until then both need to be funded for "No Child Left Behind" to succeeded.

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