Tuesday, October 21, 2008

281 Referendum YES281: 281CARE & 281Exposed

I'm frustrated. Both the 281CARE & 281Exposed sites show themselves to be blogs, which means people can comment regarding the information and opinions they present. Unfortunately they are censoring comments that are allowed to appear. My comments go to a mediator and then simply disappear.

I have written and asked for permission to reply with comments, and received no reply from the Blogsters. So: who are they and what benefits are they looking to attain by magnifying the district's few faults ? I have never seen any positive ideas for improvement from them, just the sowing of strife and distrust. (like we need more of that in our community/world)

One thought I have had is that they are landlords or business owners that want to keep property taxes down no matter what the cost to our community. Who else would put this much time and effort into fighting a ~$20/mth tax increase that helps kids & community?

I am straight forward with my beliefs, agenda and open to opposing views. I wish they were.

Please Vote YES for Option 1 & 2 on Nov 4th and ignore 281CARE & 281Exposed until they open their Blogs to opposing views and propose some improvement ideas. (ie other than fire everyone and say NO...)


lsgentner said...

Thank you John - I just spent some time on the sites you mentioned and I feel ill. The school board and superintendent responded to the citizens’ request for a levy AND they adjusted it to a smaller and shorter amount and parceled it into two questions to allow voters to choose their level of support. This describes a behavior of listening and compromise. Where is Care281 and 281Exposed contribution? As far as I have seen from their blogs and letters, they have nothing better to do but tear apart public education like a pack of wild dogs.

Our district is not perfect, nor our school board, nor our Superintendent. But nor are they evil people conspiring to rob our pockets and cheat our children. I have observed, had dialogue with and had experiences with all the above that confirm they are working very hard to do the best job they have been hired or elected for. Public schools are caught between a capitalist marketplace where what they consume such as, but not limited to paper, energy, labor and supplies are driven by the economy and market, yet they do not benefit from increased revenue during “good times” but are instead held to a budget that in recent times has increased little and certainly insufficient compared cost increases. When a business needs more money, it can also explore ways of increasing it’s cash flow: investors, new products, sales, marketing – it doesn’t only cut costs. Schools are restricted in how and if they can increase their revenue. Yes, there were areas of in-efficiencies. Yes, there was and will be belt tightening. Let’s keep the advisory committees and continue to be a watchful community, but let’s also give them some credit! We have a much leaner district now and there will be consequences – there always are. Some of them will naturally be some unintended - will the negative ones be held against the school board and superintendent also? If they (the negative blogsters) have such an awesome crystal ball – perhaps they’d like to donate it to the district. It would be a lot more help than what they have provided yet.

Tom Schmidt said...

"281 Exposed" needs to be exposed. I left a comment politely stating why I supported the referendum & it was deleted. As far as I know, it's just one guy - Mr. Stoffel. 281 CARE has never come forward & been open.