Friday, October 31, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : In God we trust ?

I need help from folks who are smarter than me, so please comment on this one...

First some background, I have absolutely no patience for lazy uninformed voters. If you do not know the issue, don't vote. However, if you have looked into the details, then vote your beliefs !!! That is the advantage of living in America vs some friends of mine who live in China.

As for the issue I need help with: repeatedly I hear two groups of people say the stupidest thing:

I am going to vote no because I don't have kids in the system.

The first group are the religiously devout parents who have placed their kids in private parochial schools because of their values. Now I can't speak for Jewish, Muslims or other religions, however I am pretty familar with Christianity. So imagine Jesus saying: let all the children come to me... Oh except those kids that don't attend my school... Or better yet, the good Samaritan who only helps kids from that "parochial school". In summary, if you truly are religious then remember that those "at risk" kids that your school tax dollars go to are GOD's kids. Now start living by your religion that emphasizes charity, benevolance and caring for all the kids in your community. (ie not just those within your segregated school)

The second group are the "empty nesters" whose kids have graduated. Now let me think, who paid for the schools while you were "free loading" off them !!! The schools are public institutions like roads, parks, libraries, etc that are there for the public good whether you use them or not. You as a citizen are responsible to make sure schools are adequately funded.

Now if you spend some time in the schools, talk to your board/admin members or do some other solid research, and still disagree with the referendum. Please vote no. However, don't shirk your responsibility to the USA by saying:

I am going to vote no because I don't have kids in the system.

I have done my research and am Voting YES on option 1 & 2. Now make 3 hours between now and next Tuesday's vote to learn about the district and kids that have been entrusted to your care before casting your vote !!!

Just a note: make sure you also research the environment/arts issue, since not voting on that is a no vote.

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