Monday, October 27, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : 67% to Instruction

Please note that Speed Gibson raised a good question and 281 Exposed posted it on their site. I have found the following answer, however I don't think 281 Exposed will expose the truth in this case. They will continue to publish their half of the story. So for your review and comment. VOTE YES on Option 1 & 2

Speed's 67% comments

My response
Speed, Please reference pg 69 of the 08/09 Budget . Just above the graph on pgs 67-69 the district goes into great detail as to how they generated the numbers. The percentages are slightly different than the flier, since they used the preliminary audit report(07-08).

As for your interpretation that this includes "every" tax dollar.(Operating &Capital) There exists a "working definition" difference between yourself and the district. The flier is associated with the Operating referendum and therefore when the district is describing "How Robbinsdale Area Schools uses your tax dollar", they are describing only the use of the Operating funds. (General & Transportation)

If you want to determine what percent of the total revenues that is spent on "Instruction", we would need to divide the Capital dollars into the 4 categories and then divide by the total. My rationale is without classrooms, offices, libraries, maintenance shops, etc that meet building codes, there will be very little instruction, support services, facilities or administration taking place.


R-Five said...

Allow me to introduce myself, Speed Gibson. I've been blogging over 4 years now, and took a special interest in my District 281 when the November 2007 went down. FYI, I voted yes last year, will vote yes on Q1, no on Q2 this year, as my blog explains. Also FYI, I served on the recent Strategic Plan task force. While I know some of the players, I have no official connection to Care 281 / 281 Exposed etc.

Overall I seek transparency and accountability. I serve on my City's Financial Advisory Commission and also the NW Surburbs Cable Commission (Channel 12), including its Budget subcommittee. These budgets are straightforward and clear. School budgets are an order of magnitude more complex, making them difficult to comprehend.

I don't think that ambiguity born of complexity is ultimately in the District's interest. Vague, soft numbers can be used to support any position, by anyone - even me!

I posted my own redirect as a comment on the post. I still contend that the very specific language used in the flier cannot be broadened to reach 67% of taxes going to "instruction."

We seem to want the same thing, for different reasons. Bad numbers serve neither of us.

John said...

For folks who are new to the blog strings. Historically, I have agreed with Speed on most of his comments and beliefs. Based on his previous comments, I believe he is fair, balanced and trying to improve things. I only state this because occasionally I reference his blog and comments, and I want to ensure that folks understand I am Pro Speed Gibson. We just disagree on the fine wording sometimes. Check out our latest discussions on this topic at his blog.