Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Cliques and Prejudice - not just for kids ...

After years of listening to people comment regarding "that school - insert name here" being:
  • BAD
  • GOOD
  • ETC
I have to wonder where all these folks are getting their information.

As I have said before, I am a huge believer that you will almost always "find what you are looking for"...(? Truth ?) For example, you can scare your self terribly if you are a parent who is looking at sending your first sweet child to Middle School, and you talk only to others in the same situation. (ie watch out for the huge size, thefts, fights, tough teachers, etc !!!!) So do yourself a HUGE FAVOR:
  • talk to kids that attend the school (they don't carry all the preconceived ideas of good and bad)
  • tour the school during the school day or volunteer in their library stacking books
  • talk to various parents at the new school (ie don't judge the school by "that one annoying person you met"... would you like them judging your school that way?)
  • talk to parents outside of your own clique or comfort zone. (ie if they think like you, act like you and talk to the same people... is their information and opinion going to help your perspective???)
  • talk to a few teachers (these are the people that you and your kids will spend the most time with !!! not the Principal !!!)
  • consciously challenge your prejudices as you observe (ie your school had 30 kids/grade, all Caucasian and they used no slang ... so what !!! Now what factors really matter when it comes to your choice of schools... )
The reality is we are in a diverse school district, and this comes with pros and cons. However since we all live in this area and many of us come from this area: the parents, teachers and kids have more in common than you may initially think. So take advantage of the RAS offers to tour and attend open houses. This is how you can best make an informed choice.

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