Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rdale Schools Divestiture Plan

This looks like a good document overall, however I find point 8 interesting.

RAS Divestiture Plan

I assume this is the "how to avoid storming clause". I agree it is legally necessary just in case something or someone goes really really wrong. However, I would be interested in seeing the ground rules for the team, and what would justify firing a volunteer or the whole team. Since storming, disagreement, collaboration and consensus building is the key reason for having a team... (ie if 20 people think the same and have the same opinions... Why do we need 19 of them?)

Also, will the recommendation be created by consensus, popular vote, "Committee Chair" summary, other...

It is worth noting that this is an Advisory Committee with only the authority to recommend, so it will be exciting to see how well their opinions are honored by the Board and Administration.

A friend asked if I would sign up for the committee because it would be a good fit. I told him that it is highly unlikely because I think my views on increasing RAS performance by promoting school competition are too far out of synch with RAS management. (ie it is likely I would get fired...)

Any volunteers or comments ???

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