Monday, March 2, 2009

Robbinsdale Schools - PTO Funds

Why is it so critical that Parents raise additional funds ? Shouldn't the "District" pay for it all ?

Here are 2 budgets that are posted. (ie we can access them easily) You will note that most of the money goes directly to the classroom, teachers or programs. Please note: these "extras" would not exist if it were not for parent funding....

I am impressed by the RSI fund raising capability, and I guess this confirms they were allowed to fund the hiring of Teaching Assistants. This is a good thing that other RAS schools were not allowed to do. (ie deemed an unacceptable "white privilege") Hopefully other schools will be allowed to do this if it is deemed necessary by the parents...

You may also note that ZLE started 2008/2009 with no safety net. This is because the PTO replaced the broken playground structure in 2007/2008. (~$40+K) (ie costs exceeded revenues) Should safe modern play structures be a PTO or RAS expense? We thought it was a worthwhile "extra".


ZLE PTO Budget
ZLE PTO Home Page
RSI PTO Budget
RSI PTO Home Page

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