Friday, March 6, 2009

ZLE 2009 Funding and Parent Involvement

ZLE Parents:
The next PTO meeting is March 17th @ 6:30 PM in the ZLE Media Center. Childcare is provided if you RSVP. See PTO distributed materials for the agenda.

The things on my mind are the 2009/2010 PTO budget and school year:
  • Will ZLE find an energetic, organized and well spoken fund raising chair person that can help enable the fund raising teams ? (ie losing our current excellent chair at year end...)
  • The age of the PTO provided school computers and when should they be replaced?
  • How can we significantly increase the PTO funding? (ie ~$30K to $90+K) {$90K = ~$150 avg from ~600 children, seems like a bargain for the great school we attend(remember private = ~$3,500 to $12,000 per yr)} And no this is not $150 of product we would have bought anyway... it's $150 of cash or profit to the PTO.....
  • Kaleidoscope and Focus programs (ie reinstating gifted programs)
  • Will a group or an individual volunteer this year to organize the 2010 Spring school carnival? (ie was our largest and most enjoyable fund raiser, until no coordinator could be found)
  • How can we raise extra funds to purchase SMART Boards? DVD players?
  • Will parents volunteer, so we can reinstate the "Destination Imagination" program? (a great program for kids that was dropped this year due to lack of volunteers...)
  • Do we want to fund additional Teaching Assistants? (ie art, help kids catch up, music concerts, etc)
  • How can we raise some more funds yet this year to replace the cushion that was used when the playground was purchased?
Anyone else have concerns, fund raising ideas, ways to get more parents engaged, etc?

2008 ZLE PTO Budget
ZLE Mar08 Newsletter

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