Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friends and Politics

There is probably a good reason why friends often don't talk politics... I made known my identity to larger group of people and it has caused some stir. So, I want to make sure everyone knows my blogging rules:
  • I only discuss things that are general public knowledge. (ie no privileged info)
  • I only link to public / posted documents. (ie school and other websites)
  • I do not post based on specific conversations or information. I only post after I have confirmed a trend or a common perception.
  • If I use a specific example, I get that persons permission first. (I screwed up on this recently, deleted the blog and apologized to that individual)
  • I have been in this district for 9 years... I think and read a lot... I talk to a lot of people... This generates opinions and ideas that I post...
  • I know I will be wrong sometimes, therefore all comments are accepted and can be totally anonymous. Also, my email is

Please contact me directly if I you feel I have violated any of these rules. I will either apologize and learn from my mistake, or explain the real source of the blog. Not surprisingly many of us are discussing the same topics or similar stories. (ie this movie is not based on any real events or characters...)

My goal is to increase dialogue, not cause ill well. Hopefully my friends will allow me my beliefs as I happily allow them theirs..

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