Saturday, March 14, 2009

RAS News and Comment

First, the ZLE PTO meeting is at 6:30 PM on Tuesday. All parents and teachers are welcome and encouraged to attend !!! (even if you are not a PTO member) They are really nice people who are working hard to improve our school for our kids, please take this 'no commitment required" chance to get to know them and learn what they do... {link to my thoughts for ZLE 2009/2010}

Second, the 281 administration and board seems to be turning down free money and limiting educational choice in our community. See my comments in Speed's "What's happening with Pilgrim Lane Elementary" Please note Christine's hint at possibly needing PLE as a Kindergarten, seems Wold's assessment may be off a bit. (get a refund?) Also, see the Notes from the Working meeting. And as always, please drop the board an email if you support or disagree with this action.

Thirdly, mark your calendar to meet the Superintendent candidates. (more info)

Finally, here is a link to the latest school transition letter. Please note the intra-district transfers are going to be a problem and all schools are doing great verbiage. Not sure if this will convince the doubting parents. The upside is the open invitation to set up a personal tour, which is a great improvement and should be taken advantage of. (ie give the schools a chance, see with your own eyes) Also, don't forget to signup for RAS E news updates at (E news)

Thoughts ?

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Christine said...

In talking to a Beacon parent this weekend, it sounds like the school's first choice would be to build a new building, but in our new economic reality, that may not be possible near term. It sounds like they will be in a temporary Maple Grove location next year, but would still be interested in PLE in the future. (This is a parent, not a school rep.) I say 281 should consider it. Some healthy competition would be good, the school could still feed Armstrong H.S., and 281 has yet to demonstrate that there is a better (more cost effective) use for the building.
For me personally, it would be hard to see Beacon kids out there on the playground, while my kids go somewhere else, but it's better for me as a taxpayer and a homeowner to have the building in use.