Sunday, March 8, 2009

Parenthood, Patience Building and Fun

When I was younger, I was a TERRIBLE teacher. My technique for teaching my wife to downhill ski was to stick the skis on her and push her over to the chairlift. The result was predictably a pile of skis and a frustrated date at the other end of the lift...

Then came kids and training them to stay in their bed, teaching them to downhills ski and many other skills. I still had not figured it out.... It seemed they should be able to learn it faster and lord knows that was important !!! The result was again predictable, many power struggles and pointless disputes.

Well tonight we went roller skating and I have final figured out how to follow their lead and just enjoy the time that they NEED to hold onto me. After 45 minutes the youngest skated away from me happy and confident...

Amazingly, they seem to grow up fast enough. Make sure to appreciate the "present" and you will receive the best "gift".

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