Thursday, January 5, 2017

Is Trump Worth the RISK

From MP Media / Trump
"And Trump lies about things that have occurred in the past and we know are lies.

At least when Bush was wrong about WMD's and Obama was wrong about keeping one's doctors... They were forward looking with no proof either way.

Now I voted for Trump, but only because Clinton went so far Left and I did not find her much more transparent." G2A

"An evolving legacy that can be traced back to the Clinton's and their propensity to "trim and spin" the truth to best suit their needs. From "trim and spin" we move on to Karl Rove's "we make reality in the form we choose", which, I believe, is a step further from the truth than "trim and spin" and finally we reach bottom where a Trumpian agreeable lie is much preferred to disagreeable truth.

The way that the Russian hacking case plays out will tell us a lot about our future: If Trump wins it means truth and fact are pretty much irrelevant and extremely consequential decisions will be made on the feelings and desires of one Donald J Trump. My father in law, a life long Republican and resident of New Jersey always pointed out that Donald Trump's partners NEVER came out very well in any of his deals and always behind the returns to the man himself.  
Hillary would have been a competent caretaker as President: throwing a few bones to the progressive left, providing for Wall Street's basic needs and hawkish enough to satisfy those on the right who care most about those things. Maybe big time change works, maybe big time change blows up the world. Seems a risky bet made by otherwise rational conservative voters like G2A." Edward

"I agree that the future with Trump is uncertain and risky. However I think following our previous path is equally so for different reasons. Here are the concerns as I see them.

I keep hoping that somehow both sides will change...
Liberals will start insisting that poor Free Loaders change
Conservatives will start insisting that rich Free Loaders changes

But it seems both sides just keep digging in further to protect their preferred Free Loaders." G2A


Anonymous said...

In terms of freeloaders, bear in mind that it's Donald Trump, unlike you, who doesn't pay taxes.


fred flintstone said...

At least when Bush was wrong about WMD's and Obama was wrong about keeping one's doctors...

There may be some wiggle room regarding the (now laughable) promise that we'd all be saving up to $2500 on premiums, but I think there is ample evidence that Obama knew he was lying when he made the doctor\plan promise.

fred flintstone said...

Regarding the poll. One wonders if it really matters whether anyone thinks Trump has the CV to lead when one considers the legacy Obama is leaving in his wake. Let us briefly examine his record.

1. Foreign policy.
- Iran has a document with Obama's signature that gives them the right to pursue nuclear weapons 9 years from now. In the interim, and in direct violation of Obama's agreement, Iran is spending those years developing missiles that can deliver the payloads when they are ready.

- Russia...where to begin.

- China has taken to harassing our naval assets and is flexing it's muscle to take control over the North China Sea. Obama has done nothing.

- Middle East. When GWB stepped down, all military leaders agreed that Al Queda was not finished, but was on the ropes. To please his leftist constituency, Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq despite warnings from, well, everyone. He also left tons of military material and vehicles which ended up in the hands of Al Queda II aka ISIS.

- North Korea is planning to test an ICBM capable of reaching California...well, there is a silver lining in that.

2. Race relations.
Does anyone dispute the fact race relations are worst today than at any other time since the late 60's?

3. NSA, IRS et. al.
- Obama may not have pioneered the weaponization of federal agencies, but he took it to levels never considered possible.

4. National debt.
- Obama took the very worst Bush had to offer, TARP, and doubled down on it. TARP was the only program ready for a shovel.

5. The economy
- Slowest recovery in history.

6. Obamacare
- Most spectacular failure since the Edsel.

I'm biased, and I don't like Obama personally, I admit both. But really, can anyone point to something Obama touched that didn't get worse?

Anonymous said...

Try again. This time without torturing the facts.


John said...

Welcome and you are going to get along well with Jerry.

We were covering some of those topics over here.

Personally I think did as well as most of our modern Presidents... Which unfortunately isn't saying too much.

jerrye92002 said...

John, I think you are being generous. There is too much "worst. President. ever" floating around to justify awarding Obama anything beyond a participation trophy. And I'm not sure he deserves that, since "voting present" doesn't work in the Presidency like it did in the Senate.

John said...

Deny it all you want but he has pretty high approval ratings for a reason.

jerrye92002 said...

So we are going to base our assessment on opinions of the uninformed? Remember, 50% voted for Hillary, so if a couple of extra percent think Obama was better, it shouldn't come as a shock. Heck, even Trump thinks he's a "nice guy." I won't go that far, but I will admit that he probably rose, Peter Principle-like, above his level of competence.