Monday, January 30, 2017

Should I Sell?

Well usually I am a "couch potato" investor for the most part who rarely sells anything and stays invested in a diversified growth portfolio. (ie mostly stocks), but with the market at an all time high and a very unstable personality at the helm of our country... I am wondering if the risks far out weight the potential rewards.

I have already sold enough to cover the college bills for the next ~2 years in case things really go bad. So the money I have to work with is that which I will not need for 3 years and further out.

Remember that when everyone is talking about buying, it may be a good time to sell...
And when everyone is selling may be a good time to buy.  Thoughts?

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jerrye92002 said...

Looking at the 3-range moving averages on the DJIA, it appears we are still safely in "buy" territory although there does not appear to be significant upside coming for a while. I suggest a balance with high-yield bonds and reliable dividend common stocks. You might also consider the volatility and returns of some good mutual funds. I try to steer clear of those that drop sharply and recover slowly (like in '09).