Friday, January 6, 2017

Will SS and Medicare Change?

From Laurie:

Conservatives ready to support $1 trillion hole in the budget

It seems to me rather than blowing up the deficit with tax cuts to the rich a better idea would be keeping SS fully solvent. I have worked steady since age 16 and would like to / need to collect my full benefits when I retire in 15 years.


Laurie said...

my comment tied together two things that are really unrelated except they both affect the federal budget. My point is if we are going to increase the deficit let's do it with something worthwhile. Very little that Trump and the GOP are going to do will make me more angry than large tax cuts for the rich. Getting us involved in another war would be about the only thing.

John said...

From Laurie,
"about my side topic - the radical GOP - here is a little bit about what I expect them to do, which seems radical to me:

major cuts in medicaid - highly likely
propose or try to privatise medicare - won't succeed
repeal Obamacare-loss of insurance for millions who get it through the individual market -highly likely
major cuts in environmental regulation and reg of the financial sector - highly likely
smallish cuts in SS - highly likely
major cuts to snap- highly likely
major tax cuts for the rich- highly likely
major increase in the deficit - highly likely

So what do others expect Trump and the GOP to accomplish? (for better or worse)"

John said...

I understand that you support arbitrary wealth transfer, so I assume you would dislike anything that reduces those programs. You believe that it is fair to use government to steal from the successful and give to the unsuccessful...

In your dream world the successful and/or responsible would pay the highest effective tax rate by far, and the unsuccessful and/or irresponsible would have money rain down on them whether they worked hard and made responsible decisions, or if they just sat around and made babies.

I will never understand the logic.

What would you do regarding the folks in the Pelosi video or Angel Adams?

Please help me understand ...

John said...

A woman for Jerry... It is the government's fault...
Why should I work?

John said...

Here is a guy going through a LOT of Data on Single Parent Stats...

John said...

As for SS, SS Disability and Medicare, these good forced citizen funded insurance programs are failing because the government has not raised the premiums as the benefits increased.

Do you support raising the payroll tax rate (ie premium) or cutting the benefits? We need to do one of them, or change them in some other way.

Now Liberals support changing themse programs from from good forced citizen funded insurance programs into even more like welfare than they already are. They want to raise the cap on wealthy people (ie raise their premiums) while giving them no additional benefits. And they will use those additional premiums to fund the other recipients benefits. (ie just like welfare)