Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Health Insurance Question?

Well J left an interesting comment recently at an old post.  I thought it deserved some further clarification, and that more discussion may be warranted.  G2A Village of Deficits and Surplus
"Well, I've already lost my health insurance because Obamacare is coming. Millions of others have lost their insurance or had their hours cut back to avoid Obamacare. Insurance premiums have risen drastically, and more doctors are refusing to take Medicaid or Medicare patients, because of the Obamacare requirements. "Fully implemented" isn't a necessary condition for saying that there has been too much damage caused already."  J. Ewing
J,What did you mean by  "I've already lost my health insurance because Obamacare is coming."  Ready to share?


Anonymous said...

As simple as that. My employer has offered excellent health insurance at a low cost for a long time. But they cannot comply with all of the mandates built into Obamacare and keep the cost down. Consequently, they have quit offering health insurance and now give us a small monthly stipend to go buy it on the "exchange."


Anonymous said...

J--Huh? Your company is already doing a stipend? The exchange doesn't even go into effect until 2014. ??

Health insurance has been a bête noire for all employers for the past two decades. Double-digit annual increases have been the norm, long before "Obamacare" was part of the lexicon.

Here's a timely piece about the reasons behind the exorbitant costs of US healthcare:


John said...

NY Times Why US Leads World

John said...

National Review Rebuttal

I have to agree with the National Review here... Complaining about our high costs while demanding government involvement, large liability payments, the saving of everyone, etc does seem kind of funny.

Ironically, one of my new co-workers moved here from Sweden because they offered almost no help for his autistic 5 yr old. Fortunately his wife was from here.

He said lots of things were really good in Sweden, however he said that he will take the USA's healthcare system everyday. He said long waits, lacking services, poor equipment, etc wasn't very good, especially when you had something seriously wrong with you.

Anonymous said...

"J--Huh? Your company is already doing a stipend? The exchange doesn't even go into effect until 2014. ??" --Annie

Exactly right. Just one more massive flaw in a massively flawed program. Remember "you have to pass it to find out what's in it"? Well, now we know, so why haven't we repealed this monstrosity, with all of the damage it's caused already?


John said...

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Verena said...

This is cool!