Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Let's Get Ready To Rumble in Syria

I kind of wonder what the Russians and American peace lovers think of Obama right now?  Personally I find it amusing that Obama is following in the footsteps of Bush, Clinton & Bush.  Though I was just fine letting the 2 sides fight it out.  Thoughts?

CNN Obama to Arm Rebels
USA Today US to Ship Arms to Syria Rebels
Daily Kos Arming Syrian Rebels
Fox News Dempsey Outlines Syria Options
Fox News Obama's End Game
Fox News Iraq Cannot Stop Iran Arms Transfer
WAPO Approves Arms Aid

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Laurie said...

While I usually defer to trusting Obama's greater knowledge and what I consider solid values in making foreign policy decisions, on this issue I have some reservations. As I am a bit of a peacenik by nature I found this essay to be persuasive:

Arming Syria’s rebels: Feelings of déjà vu

Hopefully appropriate people in the Obama administration, pentagon, state department etc are getting the arms to the right people and are making good long range contingency plans.

When you post a topic it might spur better discussion to include fewer links. I happened to click on one of the Fox ones and find myself agreeing with conservative Cal Thomas (at least on basic pts which I picked up through skimming.)