Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where Was Your Car Built?

I thought the AALA list was pretty interesting.  Only ~2+ pages of the 14 pages had 50% of their build content listed as USA/Canada...  And even the Volt came in at only 45%... (ie components from Japan/Korea)

Remember that build content is less than 50% of what you pay... 

AALA 2013 Listed By Percent
G2A GM Tops in Quality
G2A Prius vs Volt


jerrye92002 said...

My GM cars are the most US-built of any. BUT, they were all built before the government takeover of GM, and that will be until the government "gives it back," if ever they do. Not sure what I will do when they wear out, but Ford and Toyota look promising.

John said...

Ford makes sense. I like Toyota since they are willing to share many of their best practices openly. (Ie joint venture with GM, Toyota Production System, etc) I also like Honda since they do a lot of product development in the USA.