Saturday, November 1, 2008

281 Referendum YES281 : Have Faith in People?

I've found that many vote no people seem like theory X folks... Whereas I am a huge theory Y fan, especially with people working within their chosen carreer. And I have almost never been disappointed, since my employees and team mates want to achieve and accomplish things for intrinsic reasons. (good work makes them feel good)

Theory X vs Theory Y

So my thoughts are: Do you really believe teachers, librarians and administrators went to work in the public schools thinking they were going to make their fortune on the back of the tax payers? Or do think these folks really want to help the kids and community?

Of course, after spending time with these "education" folks, and looking at how some people in our community mistreat them, how most of them are paid, and the stress/uncertainty of their jobs... Well, in my opinion they either really like educating kids and helping the community, or they are crazy folks who like suffering... I think the first...

So please help our passionate caring educators by voting YES on 1 & 2

Remember: you usually find what you look for... good or bad... (ie RAS & blind spots)

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