Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gratitude and Robbinsdale Schools

As one of my Anonymous readers noted yesterday, I have been pretty critical of late. I admit that I was wrong and they were correct.

This does not mean that I am going to stop being critical and proposing changes with regard to RAS, however I will make a conscience effort to write about things that I am grateful for in this district.

John's Top 10 Favorite Things about RAS
  • The vast majority of my daughter's teachers, and the staff the girls deal with are incredible.
  • My wife who volunteers at ZLE and PMS a great deal, and keeps our daughters on track. I get off pretty easy due to her efforts. (ie mostly check writing and tutoring)
  • Most RAS meetings are open to the public, all you need to do is make the time.
  • Most RAS documents including the budget are available online, all you need to do is make the time.
  • The schools and facilites are in great shape thanks to many employees. (especially since many are my age or older, and they host many hundreds of kids each day)
  • The people that volunteer to help raise funds, host tours, w/ school pictures, w/ yearbooks, w/ hearing tests, mentor kids, etc are awesome.
  • The people that volunteer or work on the InterSchool Council, Legislative Action Committee, Financial Advisory Board, School Board, etc. They have a tough job given our diverse district.
  • The general education and pre-AP curriculum are great because kids can be challenged at their level, in their areas of strength.
  • The diversity of the student body has given the girls many great learning experiences that I did not have in rural Minnesota.
  • I trust the RAS bus system to deliver my kids safely to and from school each day.
Please feel free to add things you are grateful for....

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