Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RAS Blog Links and Meet the Finalists

Don't forget to meet the Supt finalist tomorrow... (Schedule) (Bios)

Below are some useful RAS community blogs. My advice is to make sure you read communication sources you disagree with. Otherwise you are likely to become "close minded"and surprised.... Remember the old saying: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer..."

Besides, a few well placed comments may influence or educate them slightly... Most importantly, I have never met an individual that wants their school district to fail and their community kids to come out stupid... Almost all of us want RAS to succeed, we just disagree about what success is !!! See my comments in "class size crisis?" for more details...

DJ's: RAS - What is the Truth?
281 Exposed - Class Size Crisis ?
281 Exposed - Supt Costs
Speed - 2 Finalists
Speed - Meet the Finalists

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