Thursday, April 9, 2009

Robbinsdale Superintendent: Dr Aldo Sicoli

Well I had the pleasure of listening in on interviews for both Dr. Aldo Sicoli and Dr. Carlton Jenkins. I liked them both for different reasons.

Dr. Jenkins was energetic, straight forward and full of passion. Dr. Sicoli seemed to have a more subdued passion, spoke more carefully, has some business background and has Minnesota school / political experience.

Personally, between the 2 candidates I vote for Dr. Sicoli.. Now let's see what happens...

I guess we don't need to wait...

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R-Five said...

I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority in preferring Jenkins to Sicoli. And maybe I'm reading too much into those brief encounters. After all, they were both playing prevent defense. Nothing they said would win the day. One mistake and you're done. But I'd rather work for the Jenkins I saw than the Sicoli I saw, either as an employee or as a supporter.

Either way, as everyone says, time will tell.