Sunday, April 12, 2009

RAS IntraDistrict Transfers - The Disaster

Well I am not sure how it can be improved, however I hope it can not get much worse...

Sun Sailor Transfers

Now who is to blame: everyone
  • The District who made the facility decision without a clear transition plan and made some funny personnel assignment decisions. (Seniority) And seems to still be struggling with timeliness.
  • The District that believes they can force families to move East. (to schools that some folks find undesirable)
  • The parents who seemed oblivious to the proposed school rezoning maps. I attended most of the facility meetings and only Sunny Hollow, Pilgrim Lane and Sonnesyn parents showed up in earnest. It seemed most "other" RAS Parents thought it was "not their problem"...
  • Parents who fear moving East so much that they are often unwilling to learn about the good things some of these schools offer. (or could offer if more of them attended) So much so that they are looking to private, open enrolling, home schooling or moving...
  • Parents that continue to think the school district owes their kids niche programs, no matter the cost.
Issues in play that I know of:
  • Per article, current ZLE students that are being forced to transfer out of their current school because they were not given intradistrict transfer priority.
  • Current ZLE open enrollment students that get to retain the status by being grandfathered in.
  • Families where one child has been accepted for intradistrict transfer to ZLE, and their sibling has not. A policy that flies in the face of the RAS RSI "one in, all in" policy. This is affecting current and new intradistrict transfer families.
  • A shortage of pre-AP space in PMS because enough extra sections have not been added to handle the influx of qualified students.
  • RSI graduates demanding Spanish Immersion middle school classes.
  • PLE families being drawn to ZLE, and reluctant towards Sonnesyn because "their" Principal is going to ZLE and Sonnesyn offers nothing familiar. (ie besides past AYP results...)
  • The district saying that many of these will need to wait til summer for an answer.
  • The pending crowding issue at ZLE. (Squished at ZLE)
What is the answer ? I really do not know how to fix the issues, and am open for ideas as always....

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Christine said...

The parents referenced in the article wanted to be placed at the top of the transfer list. I think their real complaint should be that they were moved out of ZLE so that the many transfer students at ZLE could remain there. (Transfer students from PLE and Sunny Hollow were moved back to their home schools. Transfer students at ZLE are allowed to stay.) This situation is unique to Zachary, because they have a much higher number of transfer students than do most elementary schools in 281. (Zachary is almost a magnet school in that sense-- about 25% of its student do not live in the attendance area.)